Art Degero

Art to Pass Time… Degero is Latin for to pass the time. This particular style of art does exactly that for me, requiring the perfect amount of energy and focus to put me in an optimal state of meditation. Painting has gotten me through some hard times in my life… in fact the last time I rented my own place, the walls were filled from top to bottom, I just painted all the time, pondering many thoughts, frequently while the radio was playing in the background. I often go back to painting when I am anxious, feeling a bit depressed or bored.

I would love paint more, but a problem I often run into, is that paintings take up space and I run out of room to put them. Was a big reason why I started using canvas panels now, plus they are easy to get framed, and I think this style of art looks nice with a frame. Hopefully I can start moving some out the door to make room.

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The Story of my Art…

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Paintings that were taken