Would you rather have an elf or a snowman as a best friend?

Trying to stick with the festive spirit during this holiday time, I found a fun journal prompt on a website… 

Would you rather have an Elf or a Snowman as your best friend? 

For me it is really going to matter on how chipper the elf is, because if he is running at 100% chipper, we might have issues. I am definitely down to chill with a more down to earth elf for sure. I’m thinking Bernard from The Santa Clause, we will probably get along pretty well. One of the more overly festive ones, I am not so sure on a regular basis, maybe… 

They definitely present snowmen as much more down to earth in movies, but I have issues with hanging out in the cold too much. I read that some people with mental illness tend to be more cold than other people, and I think it is true in my case, my temperature runs a little low in general as well. Maybe if I created some sort of like glass box or bubble that comes into the house that is air conditioned for him… 

The snowman will have less mobility… either will have to move up north or he can only chill for a season, or you have to refrigerate him somehow… 

I think I am going with the Elf though for the most part… I also admire a hard worker as well, hopefully he doesn’t work so much that we never get to hang out! We also share a little more human characteristics in common. 

Conversation quality is obviously of utmost important… If I can really mesh well with the snowman, I would of course try and make it work out… 

Can’t I just be friends with everybody though?

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