Is New Years significant to you?

Another Journal Prompt I found…

It has gotten less significant over the years for me. There was time when it was very significant and held a great deal of stress. It was one of the times during the year when I use to think that my situation would be over… So, I would have mixed feelings leading up to it, whether excited and believing the bet was over or wondering if it would be another year come and gone, then the disappointment and depression when the New Year would come, and my situation showed no signs of improvement. 

But I have come to find more peace and happiness within my situation and am learning not to wait for my happiness… that it would only be when this initiation/bet is over. Plus, I have no clue when this will end…. when I am 40? 50? Etc… 

But it is gradually becoming more just another holiday or just another day… the days off from work are a bonus! 

It does remind me to look at our universe on a bigger scale though… Another trip around the sun… That we are just on a giant biological ball floating through space… pretty mind blowing! You can start to zoom out light years away from our planet and just see it as another little dot in the universe… 

It is right behind our birthday as a reminder of our mortality of life here on earth, the two are obviously closely tied together… another reminder of another year come and gone. 

It certainly makes for a mind pleasing way of keeping track of time and using our calendar system. It is cool to see how it is all based around our relation to the sun and our orbit… pretty cool and a fascinatingly logical way of doing it! 

Lastly, I think I still feel a little of that potential for a fresh start… it is a good time of year to reflect and realize some things and try and get down to business, reinvigorate or reinvent ourselves… Make some new goals or try and keep up with old ones.  

We may not always keep up with our resolutions, but at least we get some nerve to try and take a shot every year… for some it’s a little like revving the engine a little bit every year until the ignition finally turns over one year and we really stick with it… trying every year can still be crucial to finally succeeding at some point, keeps hope and the fight alive!

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