Thinking of doing my own little book club thing…

I have found that my brain is wired for school in many ways. I think it is because I spent so much of my life in it. If you know me, I personally think I am a savant with autism/schizophrenia, so I think my brain is especially hardwired from the years of schooling. It became especially apparent when I went back to college… it helped with my mental health a lot in my opinion… like my mind was saying finally, back to normal operations. I even love the quizzing, testing and all that. Only so much school though, too much stresses me out. Like I have been saying, if I get disability and I can afford it, I think I will take a college course every semester. The dream would be to be a professional student in a way, I would consider it my job to take classes if I got disability. In my mind any university would gladly pay me to take courses at their establishment, I am just stuck in this initiation/bet at the moment. 

The other option might be to read books and even text books and write about the thoughts that pop in my head. I will be sad missing out on the prompt’s teachers give though, especially when they are good ones that ask for more of your own opinion. The prompts almost make it worth going to college for me, plus I like the quizzes, structures, and deadlines. Makes me have to keep up and continue doing what I am doing. Professors are like professionals at giving you relevant information and important things to think about and ponder. 

While I am waiting to hear about disability and if I even get it, I have been thinking about having my own class in a way. Reading a chapter or two a week and blogging about my thoughts or trying to come up with interesting prompts to ask myself. I just really worry about fair use… 

Fair use is such a grey area… I might think of how I already read a complete synopsis of Avenger’s End Game on wikipedia or how people blog and podcast about harry potter books and things like that. I don’t even like reading that much if I can’t share the ideas that pop in my head, takes a lot of the fun out of it. We are as they say, social animals… 

I am hoping if I just write about some new original ideas that pop in my head after reading, and don’t have to quote or paraphrase or anything for the most part, that I should be alright legally. In my head it is for like the greater good… plus in my schizophrenic universe I believe that I will probably help an author sell a lot of books rather than taking away business. Who knows though, if I read it and I have nothing to expand upon, then I wouldn’t write anything… maybe just highlight a few things I thought would be interesting for readers to check out. 

The book I am thinking about starting with is… “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely… maybe read a chapter or two a week and if people want to buy the book and follow along, they can. I should maybe try and stick to a schedule like college… Maybe start with one chapter a week so that I am not overloaded and can still make my other posts. Think I might start reading it today actually… been a little bored now that school is out. I just don’t think I have it in me to only watch movies and news all day everyday… 

have to read the introduction and then chapter 1… so it may be a little bit… maybe not… 

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