Brainstorming about cities and work/life balance… living arrangements…

This is just a brainstorm about cities, jobs, and living arrangements… Not my best stuff but will share anyways… some people may find it interesting or thought provoking… 


I was wondering about the potential benefits of redesigning buildings and work environments so that people could live where they work? Or perhaps at least very close… 

  • Environmentally I think it could be very good, greatly cut down on emissions getting to and from work… getting back and forth to work is probably one of, if not the most contributing factors to traffic. 
  • I personally would really like living where I work and not having to travel an hour or more in both directions every day as many people too… that just sounds awful in my opinion… seems a negative thing that greatly cuts into work/life balance. That is an insane number of hours over a working career that could be better spent with family and friends. 
  • Might make a workforce feel more like a family and community (some may not like that of course). 


  • Could make being fired or terminated much worse of an experience. That much more emotionally invested in a company. 
  • May contribute to more heat of the moment instances/crimes… being fired and then wanting to get revenge in a multitude of ways… may even sabotage your living arrangements when you leave. 
  • With the high turnover nature of the workforce these days, may be hard to have a stable home that isn’t changing often (Moving to a new place often). 

The cons may make companies learn to treat employees much better and take more care when they do have to fire people (Be more compassionate). May actually give companies more incentive to not fire people so often and carelessly and give people more incentive and reasons to remain at their jobs and be loyal employees.  

I think under the current economy this might never work… losing your job and your home (which I think you should be given so much time to leave of course) would be too damaging. In some instances, could very well lead to homelessness or something of that nature. Put someone in a very bad position. I think in perfect capitalism and a low cost of living, the blow wouldn’t be nearly as bad though, you wouldn’t feel as though your livelihood might be over as you know it. You know what I mean… it wouldn’t have that end of the world feeling that can make people feel very desperate or angry… 


Maybe this could just be a potential benefit or option offered after working for a company for so long, not that you have to live there… give a little time to make sure you are the right fit before moving in as well… 

Perhaps it is a horrible idea 

I think it would be a nice option or benefit… it gives me anxiety and depression just thinking about some of these commutes people go through every day in these city areas… would feel like such a loss of life/living in my opinion… my heart goes out to you… Although some people probably don’t mind… 

You get the general idea… just some brainstorming… this could be something that very much changes the landscape of the country… 

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