Are morals in one dimension, different from another?

My definition of morals is, entering a dimension with the notion that I don’t want to hurt anybody, whether physically, emotionally, financially, or what have you. We as a society, naturally try to find these moral boundaries and set our laws by them. We hope that our laws reflect morals and that morals reflect our laws. 

But, in different dimensions, there can be completely different parameters… For instance, when you go to sleep at night, if while dreaming, you were to steal a car and go on a wild police chase and have an exciting adventure, the police in the real world won’t be by the bedside waiting to pick you up in the morning, because within the dream dimension is all an illusion, nothing is real, nobody to hurt. So, in your dreams there is a different set of morals, although dreaming you are a serial killer may mean you have some stuff to work on mentally. 

Where I am going with this is that in heaven, I think there will be a place I like to call The Zone, it is essentially equivalent in a way to our dream world here. There would be heaven, then there would be the zone where you could live out all of your fantasies and many more you haven’t even began to dream up. I think you will be able to live out all your favorite shows and movies, star trek, star wars, lord of the rings, gone in sixty seconds, marvel movies, sons of anarchy… whatever.  

I believe you will be able to immerse yourself as much as and for as long as you want. If you want to go into the zone and be superman for a few years, you can. Do you want to just look and act like superman, or do you actually want to believe you are him? It could be as real as we are awake right now… But it is an eternity of doing everything and people coming up with all sorts of new things for you to try… 

It could be so intense you would probably have to build yourself up to certain levels of submersion, imagine actually being in the lord of the rings fighting orcs, that would be nuts. You can be the richest person in the world, best athlete of all time, you can build your own universe, whatever. You can go in with multiple people…  

But, when you hear someone say something like hell will be so much more fun… it’s like, your thinking of the wrong place, the key is to get into heaven! There is beer in heaven, the best beer you ever had, with no hangovers haha. 

This blog went in a different direction than I had planned… I was going to just talk about morals and then got going on The Zone, where I think you can live out all sorts of fantasies… 

But, I don’t think it is wrong to fantasize about stealing cars or being the world’s best criminal and things like that, because I think those are things we will most likely be having fun doing in The Zone in heaven, it is a matter of holding off now while we are still under the specific parameters of this dimensions morals. 

Although, I still don’t think it is good to fantasize about torturing people, brutal murders, serial killers, etc… the real dark stuff, you should probably talk with a therapist and psychiatrist about that. That is something I am not even sure God will ever allow, because I’m not sure he wants people having like that dark of thoughts and then coming back to hang out in heaven. I assume he will get your mind all sorted out in heaven anyways, probably a little snap of the finger and those bad thoughts will be gone. 

Something I think about very often though, I am not in a hurry to live out almost any fantasies here on earth anymore… I’d be fine never traveling out of town or jumping out a plane… or many other things. I just want this bet to be over with and to hang out with my wives and friends! Play some games and things like that. But, there is so much I am just completely content avoiding until I get to heaven. Nothing here even compares anyways.  Love is probably the closest thing to heaven we get I would have to imagine. 

Just have to make sure you get there is all! 

I also think time can be manipulated within the zone as well… you could leave heaven and enter the zone… But I think you could be in the zone 20 years or however long and it would be like only a second went by in heaven… So, to family and friends, you would have been gone a split second, but you just embarked on some epic journey! Can be key for keeping relationships in working order… 

A lot of my thinking is cross dimensionally (universally… whatever you may call it), between here and heaven. I always think, if God is the Perfect Person, what would he do ya know? How would he have it all set up.  

I could go on and on… 

Have a good Father’s Day! 

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