If you want to be a writer, you should write everyday…

I read an article the other day… it said, if you want to be a writer you have to write every day. Which, it came at an interesting time, because I was pondering… should I just blog every other day or a few times a week? Will I run out of ideas down the road? Will there be days when I have nothing to talk about? Which, after I read that I told myself, no I have to think of something. 

So, my goal has been to think of at least two ideas to write about a day, which has been going well. A lot of time, one idea then makes you think of another idea and it snowballs. Also, I started signing up for just word prompts that they post every hour, just to see if that word doesn’t get the wheels turning. I will even take that word and google it to take the next step to see where it might lead. 

A huge thing I have been finding, is essay prompts, I was inspired to look because during school, some of their essay prompts are great to really get you thinking about new ideas or too study a subject a bit more in depth. So, I found out you can find essay prompts for almost any subject you are interested in, plus you can find personal story prompts or journal prompts for people that journal every day. There are probably countless questions out there to answer, right at my finger tips, thanks to the internet. 

So, today I thought I would do just a more fun personal story prompt. The question is, what was your most precious childhood possession? I would hoping to dig deep into my mental reservoir to think of some deep sentimental thing I possessed, but there was nothing in particular that stood out. I decided to go with whatever video game system I owned at the time, whether a nintendo, sega, n64, playstation, xbox, etc… I loved video games. 

I think I balanced outdoor play and video games pretty well. I spent a great deal of time outdoors whether playing sports, hiking around the woods, roller blading, what have you… But, I also played a lot of video games, and my system traveled with me often on trips to grandparents or wherever. It was such a great thing to fight boredom or on a rainy day. I spent countless hours playing, and was always kept coming back for more. One of my favorite things to do was go to a video store and pick out a new game for a few days (just had a flashback of getting road rash!). 

Then when we got older and the systems got better, we could start playing game like halo on two different screens, which made for complete mountain dew fueled all nighters with friends… I still feel I coined the phrase Xbonothon! Then on to college having drafts, and playing football seasons of madden with friends… it was a great time. A lot of great memories were had. 

Somewhere along the way I lost my ability to play console games anymore… 

As the Schizophrenia and what I feel is also high functioning autism progressed, I just lost the love and that drive. Not being able to play for more than 15 minutes at a time if I am lucky for the most part. I would love to still have that love for gaming, would certainly help we get through many days, but it just isn’t in the cards. 

I can however play EQ2, literally all day long, all day, everyday… That is an mmorpg, I am particularly fond of, but I don’t consider that a console game, I like to refer to it in a way that I have an avatar in an alternate dimension… You can really roleplay and sink into that game if you really want. But, that is a story for another day with lots of other ideas. 

This blog was about console games, which I really got to live through the progression of the systems… A didn’t play much of an atari, but pretty much tried everything else up until about 22/23 years old when me and friends were playing wrestlemania on N64 all the time at my apartment. Then after the schizophrenia set in and this whole situation started to go down, my love for console gaming went.  

I think I could still rock some guitar hero though! I wish they would go back to what made them big, with more classic rock type songs. I think they lost me and a lot of other people when they more tried to appease the hardcore gamers that only wanted really hard to do more metal songs. A lot of us love just playing a jam and relaxing after a hard day’s work, maybe standing up, putting on a little show for our imaginary audience, acting like we were up on stage haha.  

Today was a bit of a random assortment of thoughts, I have stories of playing video games and could go on a long time… fun to take a trip down memory lane sometimes. 

But I think I would have to go with video game consoles as my most precious childhood possessions…  

Rollerblades, paintball guns, wiffle ball, etc… maybe a few other things were contenders… but at the end of the day… well I was probably playing video games at the end of day. 

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