Can’t shake that Gut feeling…

I think I am finally going to mean it when I say this will be a short blog today, but you never know once I get going… 

I just wanted to say, that even I find myself at times with a sense of disbelief or unsureness about the afterlife. But, I don’t think it is because of something to do with logic or reasoning. Rather it is just a gut feeling I have sometimes that life just can’t be that good, that heaven sounds to unbelievable and enjoyable to exist. 

I personally think it is a case of learned helplessness, which I am sure I am not alone. We are so use to this universe and all the bad things…. bad feelings, evil doings, natural disasters, you name it. Not to mention just day to day struggles and things like that. Plus, we are so limited here in these human bodies, it’s hard to picture ourselves being able to do other things. Not that there aren’t some great things about our human bodies here, that we may experience in heaven. It is certainly nice to feel and touch things, although we would prefer to be exempt from extreme pain! 

But, all the logic is there as far as I am concerned if you buy into the God is Good principle…. that we have beyond great lives ahead of us. It can be hard to let go completely of disbelief though, which when we can’t it affects us… for me it may make me a little jealous of seeing other people enjoying life or something I am not able to do right now, because I’m thinking, just in case there is no afterlife, I would like to be enjoying this life while I am here. But, as the days go by and I get older, I let go and enjoy watching people’s happiness more and things like that.  

Which, could bring me to a point, that is very hard to dedicate your life to a cause if you don’t believe in heaven and God, because so many of us would like to see the fruits of labor. Granted we do so much for our children and future generations, but we would like to see some pay off to our hard work. Which, if you never think there is a payoff, it can be very hard to dedicate your life to something, you will sit there wondering if the cause is worth or that you would rather spend what little time of existence you have doing something else. There are people that spend their whole lives undercover in some dangerous situation to keep everyone safe… I have to imagine sometimes they are looking at pictures of people having a good time and wondering if they chose the right path or something. 

Which, I don’t want to suggest that people can’t dedicate their lives to something just for a future payoff like heaven, that people can’t be completely selfless in this life, but it can definitely help you dedicate your life to a cause… 

“And when he gets to heaven, to saint peter he will tell, just another soldier reporting sir, I’ve served my time in hell.” 

But, in closing, I just want to say I think that it is just that learned helplessness and gut feeling that drives so much disbelief… which can also potentially lead many people down a bad path. Something to be aware of though, and work on, it is like the one of the last hurdles on a path to enlightenment and inner peace…. Also, being able to accept death and even look forward to it! In good time of course!  

Hope you are having a good Sunday! 

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