Write, paint, coffee shop, penny poker… that is the dream…

Fighting back sleep as I type, trying to make it until my bed time, but I might doze off before then. Would definitely like to stay on my sleep schedule! 

Too tired to dig into the journal today for a topic to talk about, so figured I may just give a little status update… 

Currently conflicted as to when I want to start really pushing the journalism career, have really been racking my mind over it. Part of me says I should start working towards self-syndicating now, getting some articles written up, sending out some info to editors. Then, I wonder if I am going to want the extra stress of writing articles while I am finishing this next year of college, getting my associates.  

I am starting to lean towards the idea of taking a year or two off after I graduate from community college to try and get the journalism career going before I invest 30,000 in student loans getting my bachelor’s. I will be in a decent position financially after this year, so if I could make it work after just getting my associates, I would be pleased. 

The question is do I start pushing now? or just do my blog, painting, and write a few articles for the school paper until I graduate? Which, then I would start sending out info to editors. Decisions, decisions… part of my problem, is I am not super confident in myself… I immediately start thinking I will not have enough time during the school year and will run out of ideas, or I will start writing articles that the editor doesn’t find interesting anymore or the audience doesn’t like. 

If I just keep doing what I am doing for the next year and do a little advertising, who knows, perhaps I will start building a little audience or something. Maybe the school paper will let me publish my website page in the paper along with my submission. 

The good news is, I paid the website up for a year, so got that covered for a while… and canvas panels aren’t very expensive… So, it isn’t like this endeavor is draining money from me every month to keep it up and running. Which, today was a good day when I stopped at hobby lobby after a delivery, 50% off paint and brushes, so I stocked up a little on some paint… think I am going to start working on crosses again as well! 

I definitely love doing this, just feels right… writing and painting… then the big dream would be if I ever made enough to open up a little storefront that could be like my office & a coffee shop… add in a little penny poker game table and I would really be living the dream! 

I am cautiously optimistic…  

To try and start self-syndicating now or not? That is the question… Whether tis wiser to get a head start or to see how what I am doing now does for me? 

Write, paint, coffee shop, penny poker… that is the dream within my current situation. 

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