Maybe you signed up for this life…

This blog today will hopefully help some of you find your spiritual warrior… 

We have an Army here on Earth, but I think that there is also God’s Army in which most, if not all of us sign up for. I say this, because the next time you are depressed or feeling down about something. Say to yourself, maybe I signed up for this… 

I wonder if all lives are assignments in their own way, that God might present us all with missions that we can sign up for. That you, may have signed up for this life in Heaven, and then came here to live it. You may have done it with great heart, that you didn’t want anybody else to suffer and have that life, you jumped on the grenade in a way. Somebody had to do it, somebody was going to suffer, and you said, I’ll do it. 

I wonder sometimes if we don’t live multiple lives, come back at different times over Earth’s existence. Perhaps sometimes coming here for easier tasks, and at others very difficult tasks. Maybe you are blind… what is not to say you aren’t some nun from a previous life that hates to see people suffering and decided to sign up for it.  

Your purpose can be as simple as filling a life that was meant to be lived, the position had to be filled for the greater plan to work… A child meant to come here and die of cancer at a young age, perhaps one of the most noble among us in heaven… Then of course the whole snowball of every life and death, your birth brought a butterfly effect into the world, your death will leave causing a butterfly effect, and everything in between, we alter the world every day in ways we can never imagine… 

Hopefully this will inspire some people to find their inner spiritual warrior though, that you are in God’s army, that you were strong enough to sign up and come to this Hell Hole (pardon my language). You are strong enough to survive your life here and its trials and tribulations, they are challenges to be met and conquered.  

I always say that you should decide to stay here and ride out this life because in part it is a great story to tell in heaven… It’s an I survived story… you kid’s think you have it rough, back on earth, that was rough, even little spiders had enough venom to kill us, there was flesh eating bacteria!… Earth is a once in a lifetime experience in many ways, after this universe is closed, you will never sign up for something like this ever again for all eternity, you can tough it out for the few years we are here… it will be your tale of overcoming adversity. I think you will be happier in heaven when all is said and done, saying you stayed here and rode it out until the end…  

Life here on Earth is certainly a challenge… and you should wonder if you signed up for it! It is brave to come somewhere and suffer depression, stress, or pain… taking one for the team.  

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