What food could you not live without?

Figured I would just do something fun today. A recent writing prompt I found was, what food could you not live without? I could live without a lot of different kinds of food here on earth, I feel a better rephrasing of the question may be… what food makes life more worth living? 

I decided to go with pizza as my favorite, although there are many contenders… burgers, nachos, pot roast, chicken wings, chicken tenders, to name just a few of my favorites! But, pizza would probably have to be my overall favorite, I use to eat pizza basically every day for a while. I have been especially fond of the chicken wing pizza at a local restaurant lately, it is delicious. 

I had to stop eating pizza everyday though, I came to find out why Arnold Schwarzenegger calls white bread, “white death”. I found out, in big part because my brain and body are very sensitive to what I eat. My brain definitely wants me to maintain a certain degree of homeostasis, and if I diverge, I am brought in line in not the most pleasant fashion… 

But, of course I had to do some investigating, white bread is particularly bad because it uses refined grain, they strip all of the nutrients and outer coating off, which when that happens, we absorb the carbs really fast and it gives us a blood sugar spike. Whole wheat for example, doesn’t strip the grain, so you absorb it at a much slower pace, a much more natural pace. It makes sense because we evolved eating grains and other things naturally, so our bodies learned to process them in their natural state. When we do so much manipulating, we just don’t process them well. They say the same thing about juicing a bit, suppose to eat fruit and vegetables the way we evolved with it (I’m not super sure about the juicing though, some people swear by it!). So, I ended up getting like a weird addiction to pizza, where I would feel at times like I had low blood sugar and I had to get my carb fix, on more than one occasion, I felt it was like a physical emergency that I needed to eat some pizza, which I then thought, that is not good, I just want to feel neutral all day. Which I found a diet that works well for me, but I can talk about that another day. 

This just reminded me of something I told somebody one day… like everything that tastes absolutely delicious is almost always bad for us. We get just a little taste of heaven here, like God doesn’t want us to get too comfortable here, to help us look forward to dying a little bit. That goes for many things, I stopped chewing tobacco, but I definitely plan to start chewing again once I get to heaven haha, will be smoking cigars again as well… I am very patient now. My goal is to make it to 100, why not take a run at being the oldest person to ever live here? 

But, Pizza is probably my favorite… lots of contenders though… I can only imagine how good the food is in heaven! 

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