Do I believe in intelligent alien life?

Another fun one from a prompt… Do you believe in intelligent alien life? 

I am a bit of yes and no on this one… my main issue with Alien life would be, what is their purpose? If you know my belief system, I believe that this universe is a trap designed to catch the devil. So, in my little world, I would think God would want the Devil focused on Earth as much as possible, because, I think this is where everything went down for the most part.  

Perhaps there could be purpose to alien life, a back-up plan or something. I would be particularly interested in reading their history texts and things like that to help evaluate a purpose. To me, I just doubt it a bit for that reason…  

Obviously, it would also take another perfect combination of events to bring intelligent life somewhere else as well… As they say, if we were like a foot closer or further away from the sun, we would all be dead. Not that we won’t all be dead when the sun dies out anyways someday… not to mention the whole universe may implode on itself someday if gravity starts pulling everything back.  

Sometimes I wonder if we may be at the center of the universe, they say that things move away from us… so if they moved away evenly from every direction, it could indicate that we are possibly at the center of the universe…. that might be a little beside the point… 

Back to Aliens… I actually personally believe in my logic so much, I think that if Aliens were hacking our satellites and listening in and seeing everything that is going down on Earth right now… Their ship would be landing in my front yard, perhaps they would even rescue me from my situation… They would definitely see Earth as like a ground zero where the trap caught its targeted prey. In my opinion anyways… 

In conclusion, I wouldn’t want to go on record as saying that Intelligent Aliens don’t exist… I just have a hard time seeing a purpose at this point in time, not to say that there couldn’t be a purpose for aliens to exist… perhaps they have created some technology that we could all use, but weren’t meant to have until a particular point in time… I don’t know. 

Of course, if the Aliens were evil… that would bring up a whole new list of questions and issues… 

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