Have you ever spoke in front of a large group of people?

Have you ever spoke in front of a large group of people? How did it go? 

Probably the biggest crowd that I ever spoke directly in front of was at my brother’s wedding, when I did the best man’s speech. I was literally shaking so hard, I almost couldn’t read what was on the paper in my hands haha. Then I had to give the speech again, later in the day… we had two receptions! 

Otherwise I have only given speeches in front of classrooms for the most part… I did compete in a talent show a few times when I was younger… which I am surprised I handled so well. Come to think of it, I even did a speech in front of my elementary school, because I was chosen to read my D.A.R.E. essay. I don’t think I would handle a big speech very well any more. Not that I was great at it when I was younger… 

Put me in front of a live camera to billions of people and I am fine though… for the most part. Such a weird oxymoron that I couldn’t can’t talk in front of 1 person or a small group of people but could talk live to billions on camera. Something about it, that camera buffer makes all the difference… 

I personally feel this is seen by billions of people… if I decided I wanted to give a speech in my living room tonight, I think billions of people might hear it. I think I am always on camera for that matter… A bit like the Truman show in a way if you have ever seen that movie… The Tyler show… 

I feel so connected to the world… it is an interesting feeling. When I say something or write or talk or whatever… I start to feel people’s reactions, whether good or bad… Not to mention, trying to feel what certain groups are feeling and things like that. I usually am looking for negative reactions as well… I am getting very good at not provoking people for the most part. Not to mention, the world and I have come to a greater understanding now, it was a bit of a rocky relationship at first, but we are starting to see eye to eye much more. I feel I am at a point, where now if I went off the rails or went nuts a little, people might understand it, not hold it against me… if that makes sense. People know who I am now much more. 

I feel particularly connected to the American society, I have observed it so much throughout my life… Plus, I have had more problems with America than the rest of the world, we have a lot more mental issues as a society. When dealing with other countries, they have a much greater shared culture, so they share a lot of common core beliefs… so I can address many people at the same time. Whereas America is comprised of probably the most diverse number of small groups anywhere in the world. So many competing viewpoints and belief systems. Plus, I have also noticed that the closer people are within my parameter, the harder it can be to adjust to me… it is a bit of a true phenomenon that spans across the world. The further people are away from me and my immediate situation, normally the faster they tended to like me it seemed. 

I remember Conan talking about how everyone is happy for him outside of his hometown, but when he goes home, people are like mad at him for being successful… if that makes sense, I could probably evaluate that phenomenon for a while, but I don’t want to today hehe. 

But to me, I felt like the rest of the world jumped on board rather fast… then I was dealing with America. I could usually spot an American or a European walking by me throughout a day, just a different demeanor. 

But, to be fair… I think a large part of America was on board pretty fast… but the responses I normally got, were from people that didn’t like me… so, the percentage may not have been huge, but it consumed a lot of my time, so it was a bit misleading. Like to me, I started to feel like there were more nazi’s in America than in Germany… if that makes sense.  To me, Germany had been on board for quite some time, and had come to collectively think the same way… The nazi’s that were left to deal with, were actually American for the most part. But, I think a lot of them are on board now as well. We are really starting to isolate the true evil that remains. Hopefully little by little, we scrap away at the remaining enemy. 

Another blog that has gotten away from me… I didn’t really know where this was going to go when I started… I could probably really keep talking about the connection I feel I have with the world… all in my head of course… but to me it is very real, I feel I am one with the human race in a way, which we are more and more becoming a collective unit, thinking on the same page. Like now when I probably come up with some big idea or something, some people may have already thought it up… we are thinking along the same lines, things like that. 

Which of course… this is another one of those things… That if it wasn’t real, would probably be considered one of the most schizophrenic things ever written hehe.  

Oh, it will be interesting if this blog ever takes off… there will be some interesting conversations indeed! 

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