This endeavor is catching up to me a bit…

This really is starting to feel like a job! Have been a bit exhausted lately, between coming up with ideas, painting, and spending a while writing the blog every day. I just start writing a lot of times and it ends up taking almost an hour it seems. I’m not as much complaining, as just saying… 

Just that feeling of what I was meant to do a bit… hopefully things work out. I am actually wondering if I will be able to keep at this every day after school starts back up August 20, especially considering one of my class is all about writing, composition 2 or whatever. May have to blog every other day, or perhaps I will have to cut back on the length, maybe give status updates most days and save some longer blogs for when I have the time. 

Days have been flying by a bit lately, which is nice, almost as if I don’t have enough hours in the day. For instance, this upcoming week I have to get some stuff filled out for my disability lawyer, have to cut up some unstretched canvas, get that canvas heat pressed with some short sayings and then start painting them… I think these painting will turn out pretty cool, I am excited to get started. I don’t even plan to stretch the canvas, just frame it. It looks good in my head so far anyways! Perhaps other people may be interested in the same thing in the future! 

Also thinking of starting an official ebay store… I like the presentation of having the store webpage and all that, can even try and sell my mugs again! I think ebay might work out well… if of course this endeavor works out anyways. But, I think I like the idea of doing auctions for my paintings. Still probably plan to try and give some away for free for a while. Eventually just paint and list them though, I want to sell them with a signed copy of my book to complete the presentation that they are a conversation piece. 

Still need to work on a few articles I would like to use when I try and self-syndicate, debating a bit if I should wait until after this school year… but I really would like to get out of work as soon as possible, if I could replace my current work with that, that would be most excellent. Then I could just dedicate the 2 ½ hours I spend at work now to keeping up with articles to publish. I would like to get those articles done within the next week or two and then start getting some envelopes sent out to newspaper editors. 

(My microsoft office just stopped working for a while… in my schizophrenic world, that may mean people telling me that is enough for today, wrap it up hehe… Apparently people that help guide me felt it was a good stopping point) 

Definitely keeping busy, with something I enjoy doing, and from home! Hopefully something works out, either disability or this… This I could do and be happy (at least I think so, I have been known to lose interest in things at times though) 

Lastly, Birthday is coming up soon, July 26, the big 34… hopefully a good year for me! Hard to believe it has been a little over 10 years since sh*t really hit the fan! I think a lot has changed in the world… 

3 thoughts on “This endeavor is catching up to me a bit…

  1. Keep up the writing! Check out Seth Godin’s daily blog if you have a chance. I read it daily. A great example of a blog that he’s been doing for years. He’s definitely focused to shorter posts (generally) but they’re almost always just as meaningful and through provoking as longer posts. Just an idea if you’re looking for a template. You appear to have a lot of great topics to write about and that may be an interesting form to follow.


    1. I will definitely check it out, thank you for the input. Could certainly come in handy during the school year!

      I love writing a lot most days, but I started doing this one hour on, one hour off tactic during college. It works really well, but it spreads throughout the entire day. I have a feeling I might not want to write a real long post everyday.
      Will see when school starts up though, I know I will want to write at least a little something, and I am sure school will fill me with tons of new ideas.

      Hope you are having a good weekend!


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