Do you like classical music?

Do you like classical music? 

I definitely can’t say I listen to it very often… there have been a few occasions throughout my life where I was in the mood. But, for the most part, I do not listen or seek it out. I greatly respect classical music though, which may lead me to enjoy it more someday. 

I greatly respect it, because composing it, is an exceptional feat. These composers can write music for every instrument in the orchestra, many of them, can even play every instrument in the orchestra, pretty well I might add. Every instrument they can listen too, and know if it is in tune, what sound they would like to hear from it, and how to communicate that to everyone and get it all on paper. Which they then do their beautiful mind trick and put it all together to make music that extends throughout history. People are evaluating work from hundreds of years ago, they go to school for it. 

I think once you understand how truly hard classical music is, you will gain a whole new perspective on it. To make a sports analogy, a baseball game where there is a double shut out going into the 9th inning… Many people would consider it a very boring game, but people that understand how truly difficult that really is, and what a work of art these pitchers are performing in front of them, may find those to be their favorite games. Probably true for many things… but understanding the difficulty and complexity of something, makes you look at it in a whole new light. 

I just happen to really love vocals though… they are such a great instrument itself. Some songs, I don’t even have a clue what they said… like the red hot chili peppers, I don’t know the full lyrics to any of their songs, but the vocals are amazing and add so much to the music, I don’t need to understand it. Sometimes I actually hate when I do look at lyrics to some songs, because I like them so much until I see the message they are portraying… but, then I might ask myself, would that beautiful song I liked before I read the lyrics, still have been made if they had been different? Although, I definitely prefer if I like the message that goes along with the music. But, you know what I mean, there are some horrible lyric songs that are sung and orchestrated so well, that they are amazing in their own way. 

Which is why I took very kindly to the album Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, written by Brian Wilson. Often called the Teenage Symphony, not understood and fully appreciated until later in time. What he did was absolutely amazing, especially when you realize how difficult it was and what he was doing to produce the album. It was actually well reviewed by critics but did poorly with the general public until years later. Knowing how difficult it all was, and really listening to all the different instruments in the background makes all the difference. I love it anyways, I love the story too, that this savant type member of a “boy band” dropped a symphony right into the middle of pop culture, slipped it in there. It is now in the argument for best album ever written to date. I was happy I came across it, I still get the urge to listen to it from time to time. 

There has been a new wave that has been sweeping the nation and world a little bit… orchestras were having trouble getting attendance and staying in business for a while, so they decided to try some new things to appeal to younger generations. One has been particularly popular with the gaming community… They play music and tracks from different video games, and I am sure some of their own, while they have different video game movies and footage playing on a giant screen in the background. It has actually become quite popular, I little like a laser light show in its own way… Thought I would share that little bit of information though, perhaps some of you might like to check it out. 

I could probably go on with some of my own stories from being in band and how highly I think of my own band instructor, but I will save that for a different day. I liked the sound of this prompt though and figured I would take a crack at it. While, I am sure many just love the sound of classical music… I think many more would come to like it when they fully appreciate the difficulty and complexity of it.  

My 2 cents anyways… 

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