Did you ever meet a famous person?

Did you ever meet a famous person? The most famous people I feel I have met and know a bit would have to be a few members of the Jones family. Namely, Jon “Bones” Jones, Arthur Jones, and their father. I should add that I met them before they were famous. Jon and Arthur both wrestled at a nearby school within my section… One of the nicest families I have personally ever met, and I actually have a pretty interesting story about The Champ, Jon. 

My senior year, Jon and I wrestled each other at a tournament, he was just a freshman at the time. I believe I tech falled him in the 2nd period. But, I always tell people it wasn’t easy, I truly had to work for it and muscle through every move. I feel he would have been an excellent practice partner for me. Also, worth noting that 160 is a tough weight for a freshman, pretty much all you wrestle is juniors and seniors. 

So, that match happened, and time went on… I would later meet Arthur and their father. I met Arthur while sitting on the sidelines at matches and their father actually approached me after a tournament to congratulate me and shake my hand, told me he enjoyed watching me wrestle, he still has the biggest hands I have ever shook! Which, I would catch up with their father at an aau tournament later on, when I had a tough match against a tough wrestler while I was on break from college. 

But, here is the interesting story about Jon, at a tournament I had went to watch the next year or sometime, I think it was in my hometown. Jon comes up to me and says, I just wanted to shake your hand and thank you for kicking my ass, I never wanted to get my ass kicked like that ever again. Which if you know the rest of the story he became a one or two-time state champion and a junior college national champion, then went on to be the UFC champion… I am not sure how much drive I truly instilled in him, but it was a great compliment none the less, especially given his future career. Definitely a small world moment that the two of us would be joined like that in such a story… 

Which then brings me to some schizophrenic thoughts? I see so much of what happened with him and his career (the getting in trouble part), and think it was all just an act or part of this initiation/bet, I think they wanted to tarnish my viewpoint of him. I always told people, I thought Jon seemed like someone that would be a preacher, just such a genuine person with a genuine smile, I felt that after just briefly meeting him… just a very gentle heart person. Which, I realize the irony of saying that and him joining the UFC, but I am sure he looks at it purely as a sport. But, his whole family, was like that preacher son mindset in my opinion… So, that story would pop up at times when people would bring it up… Which, I always thought that his smack talking was purely an act! 

It got weird at times in my schizophrenic world, because any time people would bring up the story and things like that… I always felt like people were trying to tell me Jon was mad or that he wanted to fight me over it and things like that… it was a weird time, when anything and everything was manipulated against me… Then of course, I always felt I had a big audience, so when I talked I felt like Jon was listening… so in a weird way, there was like this communication and I felt we have bonded over the years… I actually think we are pretty good friends… very schizophrenic I know…  

That story is definitely true though, you can ask him yourself! Haha 

But, I would have to say between him and Arthur, are the two most famous people I know, and actually have an interesting story and connection with. 

I should add that I think almost everyone I know is famous now! Plus, probably famous people walk by me every day…  

But in conclusion, I don’t buy the bad boy image… I would have voted him most likely to be a preacher in my school. The story of him stopping the purse snatcher, that I would believe… 

I also have a short story about meeting some of the boondock saints actors and director, but I will save that for another day!

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