More Privacy for Celebrities?

I am actually in favor of doing more to protect celebrities and their privacy. Take actors for instance, I think of how much joy movies have given me and billions of people. They have far reaching effects on society, if they only helped us get through boring days, they have done a lot. But, we thank these actors by ruining their lives quite a bit. 

What also really makes me want to help them is, there is no turning back once they have made a big movie or something like that. Maybe they didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into, perhaps it isn’t what they thought they wanted. But, they are stuck, they can’t quit and go back to their normal lives, even if they would give back all of the money in order to do so. I also have to imagine the initial fun of dealing with the paparazzi and fans wears off pretty fast. 

I also don’t like the idea that, potentially some of the best actors of the world may never act, because they want to avoid all of the negative side effects of being a celebrity. I want to watch the best movies as possible! I have heard about it on multiple occasions, the great actor that actually suffers from a lot of social anxiety. 

I had thought about this in the past, but recently watching a new episode of comedians in cars getting coffee, they brought it up, and inspired me to talk about it. I disagree with Jerry that privacy should only be in the home for celebrities, that it is what they signed up for. While, I think there are some that can handle that sort of living arrangement, I am more concerned with the people that can’t, which I think we should be worried about those people. Which, as previously stated, many of them may not have actually realized what they were signing up for, or thought they could handle it, but can’t… there isn’t any going back anymore. 

I think we either have to really help them be able to live some sort of normal life, or we need to allow them to pool their money in ways to create like closed off guarded towns or something like that, where they can have stores, movies theatres, etc… be able to live normal lives somewhere. Probably if they already did something like that, people might think they think they are too high and mighty or something. It would probably be good to raise their children in a more natural environment as well. I think a lot of actors would like the idea of being able to do what they love, while being able to live a normal life… Many probably settle on a mansion or something because you have to make your home into your one stop shop in a way, you can’t go anywhere anymore! 

And I didn’t even bring up all of the stalkers and things they also have to worry about!  

Maybe this will hit home for some actors, but I feel like some of them only feel alive when they are on screen… then it is like they are the walking dead when they aren’t working… their career is only thing keeping some of them going anymore… But, I think if they had like some normalcy and community, that would serve them very well… 

I don’t know… I think there needs to be some changes though… 

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