“I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now” – Forrest Gump

A classic quote from what I often consider my favorite movie all time… I use it, because I think I am need of a break after these last couple months. I am mentally exhausted… like today, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, but did not have the drive to put the pen to paper. I am so mentally exhausted, just the idea of copy and pasting this to put on wordpress and posting to twitter and facebook seems like such a task today, I will suffer through the couple minutes it takes though… 

I am probably especially exhausted because of the uncertainty in my life right now, when I have to wait to find out something like disability it really gets to me, I over think everything and worry about whether I won’t get it, then I make plans in case I don’t get it… then I think, this blog isn’t really taking off and I haven’t heard back from newspapers yet, what will I do if none of these things work out? Maybe I will apply to a couple colleges… I am just full of thinking and doubt right now… it makes keeping up with this blog more difficult… 

Maybe take a week break or something… probably good to take a break with school starting up soon as well… I might post some little personal updates or something, maybe not. Like I said, even just posting to facebook and twitter that I posted my blog post for the day, sounds like such a task at the moment… 

I wrote more in my journal I wanted to cover today, but I think I shall call it a day right here… 

It was a good run though… 2 months posting everyday… I will be back! 

Stay tuned… 

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