Free Range Parenting? Sounds like a child version of The Purge…

I am not a fan of the Free-Range Children idea, which I have seen a law or two passed here and there. The premise behind the idea reminds me of the purge… So many children will get kidnapped and have unspeakable things done to them, molested, sex trafficking, murdered, prisoners, etc… But the ones that survive growing up in a free-range area, avoiding that nightmare will benefit so greatly from it, that it makes it all worth it. Too me, that happening to one child is too many. 

In their argument I heard them say that the number of child abductions has gone down, but that may very well be because we don’t let children go out unsupervised anymore, and don’t allow as many opportunities for predators. Even too admit that they still happen and want to let your children run free is a bit nuts in my opinion. 

I understand that those that lived a particular life when they were younger and had a great time, managing to avoid potential nightmares, would want future children to experience the same thing. I wish that we lived in an ideal world where we could do something like that, but it just isn’t the case. The facts and the statistics are in, people exist that want to do horrible things to children, and children don’t have the necessary means to defend themselves. 

It is our job to protect children and I agree with the argument that it should be illegal to just let your children wander about or play in a park by themselves. 

My apologies for writing with a bit of a harsh tone, but I think this is important and these free-range parents need to snap out of it and get in the real world…

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