The official jersey of the Christmas Celebrating Team…

Just a bit of a fun one today and something I feel I have noticed the last so many years about ugly Christmas sweater parties… 

I am starting to think they are bringing Christmas sweaters back into fashion, perhaps even lifting our holiday spirit a bit. 

Take us back a bit to those Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra Christmas song days. Something has felt a bit lost over the years, that we lost some of that Christmas spirit. Now people want to start earlier and earlier every year… Not just for the marketing and all that, but for a genuine holiday spirit we are beginning to regain. 

I personally find myself liking a lot of sweaters I see at the parties… Maybe not the all-out ugly Christmas sweater parties where people make outlandish ones. But even that says something, because the original parties were made to wear those sweaters grandma got us, but now that those are coming into fashion, people have had to take the ugly Christmas sweater to a whole new level. 

I think this trend goes beyond just the fashion is cyclical notion though… because I think it falls more in the tradition category. Part of the Christmas Feng Shui, part of the festive spirit.  

We are starting to feel the mood that our Grandmothers were trying to pass down to us… it wasn’t just a sweater, but a piece of that holiday spirit and magic that they had felt. You might be able to call it the official jersey of the Christmas celebrating team. 

Before next Christmas I think I might pick up a sweater or two!

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