Are people with Glasses Smarter?

Are people with glasses smarter? I am wondering if there isn’t more than meets the eye to this somewhat common belief… 

I have a theory that it may actually ring true a little bit… My theory is that people with glasses protect their heads better, they don’t want their glasses to fall off or break! So, people with glasses in general avoid activities that could damage their head more than other people. Plus, they then have to find other activities to fill the time otherwise spent on more physically intensive activities. Granted many still do sports, especially running activities, and now that there is contacts it opens up many new doors for them. 

I had even wondered if that wasn’t part of the reason that girls tend to do better than boys in school… that boys are walking around with many more concussions. Concussions can definitely affect your grades and studying skills, in the short term and the long term. Boys just seem to flock to activities that can lead to concussions, which can certainly cause many issues. 

This theory is one of my primary concerns with football anymore… it isn’t just the CTE I worry about… but also what concussions can even do while you are in school trying to get educated. I almost think it is a bigger problem than I even think, that many kids would be doing much better in school without concussions hindering them. We are finding out it doesn’t take much… 

It is just a theory though of course… although the effects of concussions are not a theory…

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