Can God create matter?

I got to thinking about heaven this weekend… specifically I began to wonder about matter and resources… 

I asked myself… Does heaven have natural resources? Can God create Matter? 

For him to be able to create matter, I felt that would almost imply that there is some sort of magical element to heaven and God… but I like to think of things from a scientific perspective as much as possible… I think there is science to everything in a way. 

So, I got to thinking about our own human dream world… and I thought, heck in my dream, even I can create matter and unlimited resources, magic exists in our dreams… 

So, I wonder if we aren’t all a creation within God’s mind in a way… that we don’t specifically exist within the base state of existence, but rather within a portion of God’s mind or being, where he would be able to create matter and things like that… there would be a whole different set of laws and rules within his mind or being… 

If you compare it to a human and our dreams, you can see how I would make the theory… 

Interesting to think about anyways…

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