Train your brain… (Post #100, Milestone!)

I think there are ways to help train our brains to do what we want… to an extent of course. The key is to show our subconscious brain that something is important, not just that we consciously know something is important.

I like using an example of a book club… If you aren’t too familiar with books and you join one, it may be hard to remember a lot of what you read… you will probably have to take notes and such to bring to the club with you or to brush up before you go. But, as you are in the book club a while and if you enjoy it, your brain will start to realize that the information in the books is important. It will be important because you are using the information, but you are also getting dopamine releases and the good vibes from good conversations, you are getting rewarded in many ways from the information in the books. Eventually down the road, you will probably find it easier to read books and retain the information without having to take notes.

It is one of the same reasons I have always been good at remembering movie quotes… because they help me with conversations, and I get a lot of laughs and joy from them. They may even pop in my mind when I am feeling depressed to help cheer me up. We all know how a perfectly timed movie line can make a group bust out laughing…

So, I think that needs to be a big part of education and figuring out ways to harness that power early in children’s educational careers… getting their subconscious to correlate that the information they are learning is important and rewarding. There could be many ways of doing that, from getting them involved in more classroom discussions and perhaps doing things like giving them so many kinda easy tests early on and praising them when they get an A. I am sure we can find many creative ways to get school to click in kid’s brains, and it may of course not be the same for everyone.

It takes a while to change your brain of course… but I think this method is one of the ways that makes it possible… You have to find a way to show your brain it is important, then your brain will start to do a lot of the work for you…

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