What if Humans left and something else evolved?

When I think of my plan for Humans leaving the earth… I can’t help but wonder, what will happen if we actually pull it off and humans are no longer at the top of the food chain? 

I wonder if there would be enough time before the Sun dies enough to kill off life here for some other species to evolve into a humanoid type existence? That is wild to think about… perhaps even apes might evolve into humans again?  

I almost think if we as humans leave the planet, we should try and leave something behind that explains that humans existed and that we left… plus why we left… could put these like stations all over the world in case something evolves enough intellectually to understand it… to tell them they should leave too… explain some of the major scientific principles and things like that. 

I feel like this would make a pretty cool movie for sure… a species evolving and then learning our language and figuring out all of this stuff and gaining all of our old knowledge… could be pretty sweet! Of course, could add in many other story lines… 

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