I am in favor of a tiered voting system…

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now, don’t think I have blogged about it yet… 

I think I would be in favor of a tiered voting system… I was thinking like 18-24 you get 1 vote, 25-34 you get 2 votes, then 35+ you get 3 votes… 

Give more powers to the elders in our communities that have gathered life experience and have had lots of time to ponder ideas and thoughts… have had jobs, started families, housing, relationships, marriages, crime, etc… 

I personally think it would be beneficial to society… Plus they even say that our brains aren’t even fully developed until we are about 25 years old… 

I saw some people pushing for voting rights for 16-year old’s, while I understand the desire to get them involved in the voting process at a critical age like that and while they are still in school, I worry about their lack of life experience… I might be willing to give them like a ¼ (.25) vote or something of that nature… that way they would get involved and get a little say… I don’t believe 16-year old’s are that incompetent, in fact most I meet are rather smart in my opinion… like I said, its more about life experience and just not having the same amount of time to think about things. 

I personally like the idea… I am a much better voter now than I was years ago for sure… I thought of this when I wasn’t even 35 yet! 

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