Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 1…

I am just going to write my ideas in the order of the notes that I took when reading the chapter… 


-To begin… when thinking about relativity at the beginning of the chapter, I find myself in the moment… Imagining that time doesn’t exist and that time is only perceived by our minds and memories… Helps give me that biblical feeling I sometimes talk about, makes everything feel so real… I often feel like there is a cloud over my eyes, so moments like these are rather overwhelming in many ways. Would be nice if they were the norm a bit more often, I think I am ready to begin walking in reality more often…  

-This chapter made me think about how there is like an entire field of psychology devoted on how to sell and get people to buy things. Makes me wonder if there are any books out there that run counter to that field that help teach you on how to not be taken advantage of and to be a better shopper and consumer. Reminds me of how I think the car industry can sometimes be a pretty shady endeavor… at some car dealerships it feels like the goal is take as advantage of you as much as possible, and it is the consumers goal to get the best deal possible… there could be books about selling cars and books about buying cars, then see who comes out on top. The car industry can be a bit shady like that with its grey area, but perhaps it will change or is changing. This book could be seen as rather useful in that regard but might be nice if there were entire books devoted to it. 

-The author’s quick relativity explanation blew my mind a bit… so simple, but a powerful combination of visuals and words. 

-The relativity in comparing ourselves to others made me think of a future blog post that I am going to do at some point… Pondering what effect something like the show “lifestyles of the rich and famous” had on society. Especially with it being aired on cable television. 

-Pretty wild with what happened with the CEO’s… that may be its own blog post someday! 

-This chapter makes a great case for why more people should look into the concept of minimalism… there is a great documentary/video out there now made by a couple of guys. 

-Thought there was a little bit of messed up dating advice given about how to use your friends in what some may say are somewhat malicious ways… Ironic to this, I use to like having girls meet some of my most stellar friends… guess I wanted to give them an idea of the crowd I hung out with… definitely many times I would bring up many of the accomplishments of my friends… perhaps I was a bit delusional in my thoughts?… perhaps my view is a little less cynical that women might change their mind so easily… granted his advice may have been more for initial meetings or catching someone’s eye in a bar or other atmosphere… that is probably more along the line of his thinking, although I think it is a little bit of a messed up thing to do, unless of course you may have some friend that loves the idea or something after reading about it… Also, a little manipulative to the target of affection as well possibly… 


Great start to the book, I am definitely hooked… It’s only Wednesday and I already read the first chapter, but I will be doing my book club postings on Sunday’s.  I may actually end up weeks ahead potentially, may have trouble putting it down! Plus, it is a pretty fast read in my opinion, faster than I was planning on… I will see how a few weeks go… if I am getting too far ahead, maybe I will post 2 chapters a week. 

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