Would God create a person just to then send them to Hell?

Something seems innately very bad when preaching “We all get into Heaven”, “Everything is planned and predetermined”, and “Everyone is Forgiven”…. 

What’s to stop someone from thinking, I was meant to Rape this woman, it is my mission, my plan here on Earth… A person could easily validate an evil existence and even come to feel they are fulfilling a purpose in this life… May even come to see themselves as fulfilling some divine or holy purpose, completely free from guilt. 

It is a Moral paradox in a way… one not easily solved. 

We may even ask ourselves; Would God create a person just to then send them to Hell?… That too seems morally wrong. 

I personally think if someone comes to believe that and acts on it, that there is just no afterlife for them… more demon than man, perhaps even born without a Soul… Someone unfortunately meant to be evil and be discarded… Perhaps a complete product of their environment with no sense of Freedom of will. 

  • It seems morally wrong to let someone into heaven after doing that… it is also morally wrong to create a soul or person just to send them to Hell or discard them… which is why I tend to believe that those people may not actually have souls… Perhaps given a false or perceived soul meant to be overtaken by evil. 

It is Morally wrong to establish a system that would make people feel that they can get away with anything as well… certainly not in the World’s best interest. 

  • Makes a World less safe to make people feel they can get away with anything and that there isn’t such a thing as Eternal Justice. 
  • It could also cause Humans to seek our own Justice while we our down here, if God isn’t going to punish them, then surely, we must.  
  • That is not a proper way to do things… would be considered poor management by God. 


That is what I think about Pure evil anyways… How could they walk amongst us in heaven after that? And how could we allow for a system that would allow that to happen without proper Justice?… 



I think for lighter sentences; the punishment will fit the crime… I don’t think it all comes down to, sin and you are eliminated… Which only God in Heaven knows the exact and appropriate sentence and how to administer it. 

You live a life of stealing and avoiding work? Perhaps you will have to work the length of multiple lifetimes before you get into Heaven… maybe even have to live out a life or two where everything you have gets stolen or your loved one got killed in a robbery… 

You kill someone drunk driving… prepare to live out all of the consequences of your actions, live out the lives affected by it… 

Just drinking and driving I am sure there will be appropriate punishment, because you could have killed someone or put someone in a wheelchair for life, made someone a quadriplegic… 

You get the Jist… they will be creative and appropriate punishments in my opinion… I am sure they will go a little beyond just getting even… that your victims are +1 on the scoreboard. 

We might ask ourselves again… but why would God send us here to then punish us? Especially if our life is essentially part of some nearly predetermined plan…. Answer: Because this Universe and Life requires Justice… It requires the Fear of God… A punishment has to happen, or the system doesn’t work… If we just threatened to send criminals to jail, and never punished them or sent them to jail, imagine what would happen…. It would not be good; evil would become emboldened… A punishment is necessary…  

It is also necessary for the well-being of victims… we need to know that there is Eternal Justice to move on with our lives and be able to forgive… I have “God Gets Even” Tattooed on my leg, it was a large part of my meditation and being able to let go of the desire for Justice and Revenge… It helps a victim obtain inner peace once again… It cuts down on revenge crimes and all of that as well… 

Punishment for crimes here in the afterlife are necessary is my point… Which God sees everything, there is no getting away with nothing… Just because you didn’t get caught by the cops here, doesn’t mean you don’t still have punishment coming. 

I joke to myself that after reading this or hearing me talk about it, you have accepted the terms and agreements of life and living in this universe…  

There are Morals, there are Rules, there are Punishments… Fear of God leads to the Love of God (One of my favorite quotes and will be a blog post someday)… First, we fear and learn to follow the rules, then when following the rules becomes second nature and we are moral people, we come to feel protected by God and his promise of Heaven and an Eternal Life, we feel his Love… 

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