Some thoughts on the Grand Illusion (?) of Time…

I tend to believe that we are still in the base state of existence or that we are subject to it. The base state of existence, is a state of existence that must exist in order for us to exist. It is a place with no past or future, no beginning or end, just in a state of existence… that, only the present moment actually exists… You can read my article “A Case for God” for more information…

I think what we perceive as time is just a Grand Illusion in a way… I think we have invented a type of time, but not in the sense that there is an actual past or future… that we all just have essentially synched up our memories in a way. What makes it such a grand illusion is how logical and well it performs… based off things like the rotation of the Earth and how fast we travel around the sun… We can measure the rate of energy and the rate of decay… It is very logical to have “time”, even in a place that doesn’t actually experience what we have come to feel is time (a time that has an actual past and future… that we are constantly traveling through time or that time is traveling through us.)

We can then meet our friends at specific points in “time”… we can have schedules and all the great things that time gives us… It is essentially essential to life here in all reality… where would be without the invention of time?

I do wonder if we actually do invent real time sometimes… I think we do this when we make video games and mmorpg’s and things like that. I think that is actually more what real time is like in a way… It is something that can be continued or ended in the case of an mmorpg, or something on a predetermined line like a classic video game. That is more how I see the reality of time being though, something created… that there is no true eternal time…

That is the only place I think that time travel can exist… I think that time travel can only exist in a predetermined place where we are given an illusion of time travel… we can create a time travel video game that makes us think we are traveling through time, but we wouldn’t actually be traveling through time… we can’t time travel through an mmorpg however, although there can be predetermined elements of an mmorpg that can (Like an instance or separate predetermined game in a way)… I think an illusioned time travel can only exist on a pre-determined plane.

(Added 6/16/19: Actually you may be able to time travel on an mmorpg timeline, at least be able to travel back in time anyways and then reshape the future… Because if everyone went back to a previously saved point or something of that nature, you would then be going back in time and create a new future. I think you can only travel into a future existence in a pre-determined world though, because the future would have already had to have been created in order to travel to it… I’m sure your thoughts can run wild thinking about this stuff, even ways we could slow down or speed up our relativity and things like that on a timeline… I always envisioned that in “the zone” you could alter time, so in heaven you might have only went into “the zone” for a minute, but in “The zone”, you may have been in there for what feels like 20 years… if that makes sense. Which I think is a great feature for maintaining relationships in heaven, because if done in the right way, you can manipulate time to see a person whenever you want… That person may have went on a 100 year adventure, but you wanted to see them today, you could manipulate things to make that happen in my opinion… all sorts of interesting possibilities with “The Zone”.)

Is this making sense?

I think heaven will be somewhat similar… we will have the created and perceived time that allows us to still schedule things and meet each other at points in time, points in the present tense… but then we will have a much a better version of real time (video games and mmorpgs) where we can live out all of our fantasies and enjoy life to the fullest. (You may call it a VR or Dream World in a way… I like to call it “The Zone”)

Heaven, I believe, of course won’t be subject to many of the nightmare elements of this universe, including decay and the necessity to eat and drink to survive… But I do see this place as having elements of Heaven if you know what I mean!

Perhaps I need to name this perceived Time we have created… Or is it the real time that needs a name? I just don’t personally think we are subject to an actual past and future as many people have come to believe here, I think we are still subject to the “base state of existence”.

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