Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 5…

Comments as they appeared in my mind while reading the Chapter… Shorter Chapter this week! 


I think my discussion on weddings will be a separate blog post… The wedding dress example very much crosses over into a multitude of regions; weddings, high fashion, labels, status items, materialism, status in general, etc… 

  • Sorry if I seem like I am knocking people, to each their own… In some families the wedding dress run has even become a tradition or rite of passage. 
  • I worry a little bit with what is going on mentally and culturally with the wedding dress run… Not that it is the greatest cause for concern by any means… Sorry, my honest opinion. 
  • To me it almost comes off as a bit dystopian or degrading in some ways… The optics aren’t the greatest… Again, I am sorry… 
  • I think this speaks to something that was drilled into female culture that many people are trying to drive out… (I also don’t like how woman are expected to wear something different every day of the year!) 

Interesting, Fun, and Humorous section on the Sushi. It is funny to think about how often that happens in our own lives… Many, Many, times… 

  • Fun section in general to think about and all of its intricacies when communal and price meet.  
  • For me, in the grocery store, how many are left often lends to how many of a deal I will take. I feel a little less selfish and more economically savvy when there are plenty of a deal left… That could be another interesting study, change how many starbursts are on the table. 
  • They are paying for the sushi, so this does run a little counter to his hypothesis from the candy experiment… that communal and market can overlap… Of course, it probably varies by person as well  

Interesting experiments and eye opening to see the price of zero’s relationship with social norms. 

  • I’m not so sure this would work for something like oil or gasoline though… you know what I mean! 

The effort section left me wanting a lot more research and opinions… I am not sure how much I concur with his final assessment; I find a lot of different variables that could play a role in the experiment. 

  • I think this is more just getting the conversation started rather than concluding it. Interesting stuff though! Very thought provoking! (A common term I use to describe this Author and his Book)  

Interesting thoughts at the end… The real change in my opinion could come on the consumer end. Social norms are much more being applied to an informed consumer. Which the consumer tends to hold the most power in a market driven society. A power not fully understood and harnessed yet. 

  • You know me, I like the idea of a consumer union that looks out for consumers and helps shape the world in a positive way. 
  • A power not to be used lightly though, it can be a delicate balance between consumer and producer. Best to apply reasoning and civility! 


A little shorter chapter this week… interesting stuff though. Thought provoking as usual! 

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