South Park: Absurdist Humor or Reflection of American Culture?

Pulled this question off of a website while searching for things to write about…

(I will just write out the response the same way that I wrote it in my notebook) 


  • Interesting… I would say both, some episodes meant to be absurdist humor, others meant to actually deliver meaningful opinions and messages. 
  • I feel it is no longer something someone in my position can watch anymore. Not unless they change some things… Some episodes I could certainly re-watch, that stand up even within our emerging PC Culture, “Losing Edge” is a great example. 
  • I think they took a big swing and miss trying to take on the PC Culture. 
  • PC is happening and I don’t think it is going away. 
  • We want everybody to laugh at Jokes, not be the butt of the Jokes. 
  • In my opinion, comedy is going to change forever… It will adapt to PC Culture and it will still be funny… Comedy is an Art and there are a lot of smart comedians. 
  • A lot of blow back is probably from people that can’t envision themselves adapting well to the change and think they are losing their jobs… Some probably will… 
  • The professional bully style comedian is dying… A matter of time in my opinion… Especially in the Mainstream. 
  • I look back and am ashamed at some of the stuff I laughed at years go… I should be ashamed… I was a bit young and lacking empathy and accountability. An example would be laughing at the song “Special Olympics”, we then become enablers and part of the problem… Society gets more of what it rewards… when we make a bad comedian famous and rich, more people will copy their style and humor… 
  • The South Park guys are really smart in all actuality and I know they can be funny within the PC Culture… they are adaptable for sure and will still have us crying laughing. 
  • I think they have been on the wrong side of the PC Battle Though… I was actually a little surprised at how hard they went all in… They normally have a much better read on our culture and a general sense of morals and empathy. 
  • I think they truly just want to make everyone laugh, not just a minority of people… Which is a large part of what the PC Culture movement is about in comedy. 
  • Even when you pick on people, it should be in a way that we are laughing with you, not at you… 
  • I actually think South Park was good for a lot of people. 
  • One might be surprised at how much they were actually teaching the Youth of America… Giving valuable opinions and messages in a humorous way… They think rather logically in my opinion… 
  • I will be happy when they finally succumb to the PC movement… It was one of my favorite cartoons… Granted they certainly went too far sometimes… I didn’t like when they made Cartman a complete psychopath for instance. 
  • I have hope they will come to their senses… They have been wasting their Talents! 
  • One might worry that they may take a while due to the psychological concept, “Justification of Effort”, that they have went so all in on the Anti PC culture that they will have a tough time switching stances now… 
  • There is a middle ground somewhere… South Park was a pursuit of the World lightening up a bit and not taking everything so seriously, not being wound up so tight and aggressive… trying to get people to learn to laugh at themselves a bit… there wasn’t too many subcultures within society that didn’t get some light jabs thrown at it…  
  • I personally still think the PC Culture is a good thing in general though… I have no doubt that comedians with adapt… the best ones are extremely smart and actually very empathetic, can do a rather good job at analyzing cultures and the people within them. 
  • To be a successful big-time comedian is very hard! Many would actually be great sociologists and perform very well in the Humanities & Social Sciences… I could see some of them getting their doctorates for sure! 


I am not really sure if I answered the original question or not, but I rather like the way the conversation went anyways! 

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