Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 6…

(Thoughts in order as I was reading along with the chapter) 


The first study was interesting… considering their results, it raises a lot of concerns when alcohol is mixed into the equation and our inhibitions are lowered. 

  • Makes me stand more firmly behind the idea that alcohol and opposite sex parties don’t mix well and why I am for chaperoned parties even throughout the college years. 
  • Also speaks to the importance of teaching young people to be social drinkers 
  • I don’t want to draw too much from one simple study though of course 
  • It is scary what sex drive does to some people… 
  • It is nuts to think about how much affect it has on society in general… A primary driver of evolution… although somewhere along the way I think Love became a primary driver as well… I don’t think sex drive has completely left the building yet 
  • Has such a spell over the young adult world 
  • I wonder how much can be enculturated out of us though… 

I think some of his conclusions might be a little wildly over exaggerated for most people… small study with lots of variables still… How much might the students even be giving the experimenters what they want? Could still be a little bit of a placebo affect because they might be expecting a change (you know what I mean, not to discredit the study by any means)… I don’t know as though we all have a monster lurking within us… Some of what he described in his examples is the survivalist that lives within us as well… All kinds of different arousals and stressors… 

  • An interesting study none the less… I do think the core principles tend to ring true. Like I was saying previously, sex drive really holds a spell over us, especially during certain years of our lives… Maybe knowing it is something that comes and goes is part of overcoming it. That it is a stage along our biological clock…That there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the vast majority of us (Hopefully everyone, although there always seems exceptions to every rule), that we won’t be driven by such carnal desires for an extremely long time, that it isn’t something that needs to be repressed for life… that we don’t need to give into it, rather outlast it… to manage it through various means including self-gratification. 

Learning to manage new emotions, feelings and stress is very difficult… makes for stressful times. 

  • I think it is a large part of why people are happier when they are older, despite no longer living in their prime… They are on the other side of tackling all of those mental hurdles… their mind has figured out how to deal with them in a much better way… their mind figured out some good and proper mental paths to deal with issues that arise… 
  • I think I blogged about it previously, but I am not so sure a mental breakdown in your earlier years is really that avoidable. We become overwhelmed by new stressors, emotions and feelings our mind has no clue how to deal with yet. Could be comforting to know that it happens to pretty much everybody and that your best mental years should still be ahead of you. Just have to get through and survive while your brain figures it out… mindfulness and meditation helps… breathing techniques 
  • Breakdown rates probably heightened by this fast-paced digital age as well. Our technology and society probably evolved faster than we did. We may be living ahead of our time a bit. 

Wow, I never really looked into modern cars through this mindset… makes me wonder about the future of tickets and traffic infractions… GPS and onboard computers could easily recognize drivers and track their driving. 

  • Current society would be far from accepting this, perhaps somewhere in the future. 
  • Current society still very much likes laws that allow them to still get away with things, even at the cost to societies overall well-being… They prefer the cat and mouse game; many would prefer to even get rid of the cats on the road. 
  • There could be some other potential ethical issues with this… Honestly, probably the biggest part is people want to break rules and not be caught. 

Nice closing arguments that lend to the notion that this area of Human behavior may need a lot more research! 

Can’t stop thinking about how eye opening his thoughts on modern cars were… I have a feeling this will spark a lot of debate for years to come! 

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