A poem… “Painting Time”

Painting Time

Do you want to buy some of my time?

I am pretty sure that is what I am Painting

I am not selling skilled labor

Pretty sure a child could do as much or better

But a child hasn’t lived my life

Has my Life been intriguing enough that you would like to buy a portion?

I’m not so sure you can put time in a bottle

But I am fairly confident I can paint it

I’m fairly confident the painting can capture some of my time

I tend to paint the entire canvas so you can own more of it

When I paint less, I feel I might be selling you short

I paint with small brushes and strokes to take more time

Sometimes I even think the painting will look worse if I add more paint

But I am more in the business of selling time

If I fill that in, there is another hour of my time

As I sit her staring at my painting

It almost looks like a refracted hour glass

I think they are meaningful enough

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