Is the meaning of Life the same for Animals and Humans?

Maybe some Animals or Species of Animals… A good question is do you mean the meaning in life in general or the meaning of life here on earth? I think they are separate… I think the meaning in life in Heaven is to be good companions for Eternity, God probably created us, so he wasn’t lonely in my opinion… meant to be happy, enjoy life, and be the kind of company you would want to spend eternity with. Some animals could certainly help fulfill that role. 

I don’t personally think every animal goes to Heaven though, many were meant to be food here on Earth in my opinion for the most part, could also serve some other purposes here… I don’t think we need trillions or more chickens in heaven though… I could see our animal companions making it to heaven though. 

An interesting question to me would be… would it be ethical to still not let dogs talk in heaven? But I think if they talked and were much more intelligent, we wouldn’t have the same relationship… Seems wrong to go through eternity not being able to communicate… But having those abilities would then make it weird or immoral to still have an owner or pet. Do dogs enjoy being dogs enough to justify an eternity of their current abilities? I could see it being an ethical problem for God… When you have the power to instill intelligence, is it ok to keep certain species not as smart for eternity? Maybe… Perhaps a dog absolutely loves being a dog. 

When I even think about Humans, I can’t imagine God envisioned creating so many souls… But plans change I suppose… If you think of how many people have existed and are yet to exist, it would seem an excessive amount of people. Many more than necessary to be less lonely in Heaven… this crazy situation (See post: Why do Bad things happen to good people) may have been a blessing for many people in a way, brought a lot more people into existence than originally planned. That is seeing something good within the bad I suppose… Life will certainly be awesome and worth living for eternity in the right environment and situation! 

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