Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 8…

Thoughts in order as I was reading the Chapter… 


Would seem Duke is also using the “Justification of Effort” trick as well. This process probably makes the fanbase more fanatic and people that get tickets value them more and make themselves have more fun at the games. 

  • I personally think we are all a little too sports obsessed. I’ll leave it at that though, I think that culture is changing a little though. I think sports are good and it is a good thing for a lot of people, but we probably take it too far and lose perspective. Sometimes I even wonder if there isn’t a certain level of stolen valor taking place… I don’t know… It is just a game… I get it though for sure, it even gives some a reason to live in all reality. Would make for a good debate subject someday… I worry about the principal of getting more of what you reward as well, and our culture/economic system tends to reward athletes and entertainers the most. We sometimes seem to think they are the most valuable people in our society, we at least act like it sometimes… Perhaps that is how much we value being distracted by the realities of the world as well… sports also give us good conversation as well, very valuable… I would still argue we have probably gone too far though, although I think sports served their purpose in history for sure… the way economics works plays a factor as well, it makes a lot of money move to a rather small group of people, in our society it is rather easy to pay a few people millions and then pay more important jobs that have millions of people a fraction of that. How backwards is it in many ways that farmers, who keep us alive every day doing a very hard job that you can’t really even take sick days, make minimum wage in many cases if they don’t own the farm… this country in all reality struggles to feed itself, nobody wants to farm, we often have to bring in people from other countries to make the food that feeds us… A big reason why I am for Perfect Capitalism and a system based around minimum wage… 

Fun little quick experiment… I would be curious to see it in action of some other events that aren’t as emotionally charged. It is a good extreme example to make a point. Could also dive into an owning and keeping mentality and an owning and willing to sell mentality (I just put my boat on the market for what I feel is a very fair price! One that overlaps buyer and seller expectations). 

  • Anxious to read his theories about possible explanations (haven’t got that far yet!) 

Interesting thoughts on partial ownership. 

Ownership of an idea may play a part in ideology, but I think it is a smaller part… A lot goes into not being able to change our view on something, even if it’s wrong. 

  • It is interesting to wonder where ownership plays its part though 
  • “Justification of Effort” for one can play a big role 
  • Some people also tend to have an extremely hard time believing or conceding they are wrong about something… could be considered a clinical problem for some people. Can stem from various reasons in my opinion. Some even worry if they are wrong about something or change their mind, that people will never value their opinion again. Makes them feel like their life and credibility relies on being right about everything. Which makes them defend their decision until its death. 
  • A complicated psychological occurrence… I could go on… but I won’t 

The ills of ownership… many could learn from the philosophy of minimalism 

  • I would argue that God & Heaven therapy could also be important… that this life is more a life of service, all our desires await us in Heaven… I think we can also regain all lost items in heaven as well, anything you adored here can be regained in Heaven, it is ok to let go of things for a while here… not all is all lost! 

When reading about the cable packages… 

  • Makes me think about how Netflix raises their price a dollar at a time… creeps up on you… When does one dollar finally become too much? It’s easy to accept paying just one more dollar. 
  • It is still only 50 cents a day, but this last dollar really made me reevaluate, granted I needed to cut costs in general. 
  • It has hit like an expense price though for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck. 
  • It is going from something fun to becoming a bill. 
  • Turning into something you really need to be using… Before it was ok to pay and have it just in case you were in the mood… Some know exactly what I mean… It’s an adult moment for sure when you realize that $15 a month can be a decent amount of money. 

I fall prey to the ownership bias as well, or even owning my particular tastes 

  • It always amazes me how unique everyone is 
  • It also amazes me how in a free country, where people choose their own jobs, we still manage to get all the work done… I think that is extraordinary in many ways… makes you wonder about a higher power steering all of our minds into the proper directions. I had a blog post about how our society somehow manages to function like a giant brain… “microcosm’s of the universe” is the title of the post… 
  • I can definitely understand why many at one time thought it would be a good idea if you were born into your position/job, because then you knew you would always have blacksmiths or another specific job… you might otherwise worry that no one would want certain jobs and they wouldn’t be fulfilled… it assured that jobs were fulfilled in many ways… It can of course drive people nuts having that little amount of control over their lives though! 
  • You know what I mean though… obviously the market can also push people in certain directions as well… Still amazing especially in such a specialized workforce… we aren’t “jack of all trades” anymore, they are becoming a rare breed… it is also worth mentioning how many mentors tell people to do a job they Love, not one that needs to be fulfilled by society, makes it crazier that everything manages to get done… I wonder if that kind of mentorship and guidance is sustainable in the long wrong, I think it is also important that people are willing to step up and make sure certain jobs are fulfilled… 

Very interesting and thought-provoking thoughts on ownership! I assume we all fall victim to it… A rather humanistic trait… 

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