Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 9…

Thoughts in order as I was reading… Short Chapter this week and not too much to add on my end… 


I feel like the ships are burning behind me as well, as I see my path of least resistance in becoming a therapist… most jobs tend to make me believe that they will make me miserable or want to kill myself, those jobs are burning in a way… The job of a therapist seems like one of victory or perish in a sense, a lot of pressure to succeed… I hope and believe I can pull it off though… 

  • This was a bit unrelated to the book, but I thought it was interesting how it tied into my current life and line of thinking though. 

I am so impressed at how this author and his colleagues come up with these clever little experiments to try and learn something new or confirm a suspicion… Not always administered in the most scientific way, but they make their point known. 

  • The door closing theory really could affect many aspects of life 
  • Interesting to tie it to dating and children’s activities 
  • I am going to read further before making any more comments 

I never really felt dating more than one person at once was acceptable… Doesn’t seem fair to the person you are dating. If you are going to try and make it work, have to go all in… constantly comparing the person to someone else… 

  • This study actually makes a strong argument as to the dangers of dating multiple people at once, we can almost never come to fully commit 
  • Might make for a bad mental habit your whole life about not fully committing, a mental door is always open to a new person, constantly comparing your interests 
  • Perhaps some modern dating practices are part of the high divorce rates 

I didn’t think “the other side of this tragedy” section made for very good points or that it was extremely relevant to the study… I guess if we were looking at time as the currency within the doors 

  • Not bad like life advice though, about how we manage our time and things that are important to us 
  • He had me down like a whole different mental path is what I am saying… just messed up the flow of the chapter a little bit… just my opinion though… sorry if being too harsh 

Interesting point in how we often fail to realize what is happening while we are deciding… We don’t take enough into account, the negative side of our indecision 

And that’s the end of the chapter… Not much on my end this week… 

Also wanted to add that it can also be very hard to accept when a door is closed, keep trying to pry it back open… That we can make a new ship out of the ashes… 

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