An mmorpg first-person shooter game… I think a lot of people would like it…

I have an interesting idea for an mmorpg shooter game… 

You have zones like many different mmorpg games, but each zone is a different theme for the most part… can have western, space, modern, jungle, fantasy, etc… that battle ground in each area, or shooter game stays within that areas theme… so when you have a new expansion every year, it would be a new theme, but you would still have all the old zones as well. 

Then you would have like the open areas like other mmorpg’s, places to run around, hang out in social areas… hang out in bars or pool halls or whatever… maybe even have housing like in EQ2 or something of that nature… maybe could even have questlines and thing like that for your character to do… 

You get the general idea though… but one that would allow a person to roleplay more and socialize in unique ways… In EQ2 I refer to my character as my avatar in an alternate universe… 

I think a lot of people might like something like these though, I think it could really take off… an mmorpg mixed with a first-person shooter game… 

Something to think about and have fun imagining! 

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