Did we evolve to not believe in God & Heaven?

I have come to feel that we may have evolved to not believe in God and Heaven… To put it in the simplest terms, if we don’t believe in God & Heaven, we will have a stronger will to live in this Universe… If someone thinks this is the only life we live, we will go to greater lengths to protect it.

Evolution is all about survival, having a strong will to live in this universe makes a lot of sense… It makes sense for surviving in our environment and even protecting us from ourselves… That’s right, in certain terms we should be less suicidal if we don’t think we are going anywhere after this life.

We have actually developed a rather strong will to live… it is why we feel so bad for people that commit suicide; it is a very painful mental process to end up in that situation. It is one of the saddest things in the world in all reality, a very painful process indeed…

It is an evolutionary anti-suicide/anti-depressant to not be able to fully believe in God & Heaven… by this reasoning, the more depressed we are, the harder it may be to truly believe… we may go our whole lives with at least a portion of our mind not being able to fully commit to the belief, no matter how hard we will it…

The will to live also leads us to believe in God & Heaven, it becomes and interesting balancing act… We believe to feel like we will live forever, with beliefs applied to therapy correctly it is a major anti-depressant that can lead many people to happiness, and we instill a belief in society to help control society and help make us safe. We like the idea of everyone believing that there is a God of Justice watching over us, that we should act in moral ways less we be punished or discarded. I always say that the more you take God out of the world, the more a person or a group has to act like God here on Earth…

As we are happy or depressed, we can move along the scale of belief and dis belief. I myself have come to feel 99% belief and 1% disbelief, there always seems to be this 1% that says, but what if your wrong? To keep me just enough in disbelief to give me the extra will to live. Which is good… I hope to be so happy one day that I can 100% commit to belief.

I really think this is an evolutionary device though. I think our brains are wired like this and designed to not allow us to fully believe… our mind wants that will to live in this Universe…

In ancient human history, maybe lots of people did commit suicide and didn’t propagate… All the different mindsets that could easily move one to suicide may have evolved out of us, one of which would be truly believing in God & an Afterlife. A mental path that has been blocked or strongly fortified by our minds.

Interesting to think about anyways… could explain a lot of things in all reality… could also be useful knowledge for all our spiritual journeys… many implications…

I just hope this doesn’t increase anyone’s will to commit suicide… there is help out there and your life has purpose in ways you may never realize in this life!

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