Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 11…

Thoughts in order as I was reading along the Chapter… 


I really wonder as well how much pain is caused by our anxiety/depression/negative thinking and our brains are trying to do forced mindfulness on us… If you are focused on the pain, you aren’t thinking those negative thoughts… Very true in my life anyways, although people should assuredly make sure they don’t have some serious medical problems… Our brains may at times even give us knee pain in order to give us some longevity at times or to keep us from accelerating our heart rate and blood pressure… 

  • Our brains can certainly manipulate us in order to achieve what it thinks is homeostasis 
  • Our brains have a mind of their own in many ways 

That red head story is nuts! 

  • He listed off numerous interesting other ones as well… 

I didn’t realize just how much the placebo affect could have such physical effects, even releasing neurotransmitters and making different internal mechanisms fire up. 

That pretty wild with the price differences in the placebo’s… can be crazy what our minds are capable of… and fascinating for that matter! 

I was thinking… it’s nice when products we already like or know are good get discounted though… I would assume this would most often bypass the price irrationality… then we get that added rush of getting a deal! 

  • This is probably just stating the obvious though. But many psychologists often still like to test “obvious” things to see if they are really true. Sometimes things run counter to common sense. 
  • Using these principles could maybe help with the placebo affect and healthcare prices… convincing ourselves that low priced healthcare can still be really good. 

This author has seemed to rule out any sort of spiritual power in this world… his words would make it seem he is not even open to suggestion… 

  • I am going to write about my miracle on the golf course someday… maybe soon. 

Very deep and though provoking questions about medical procedures and placebo’s… I would imagine this is something very much on a case by case basis… procedure by procedure… 

Ariely really takes Placebo’s to the next level… talks more to the potential healing power of placebos and their effects on healthcare… 

I have a newfound respect and intrigue in Placebo’s… I didn’t realize how potentially powerful they can be… Perhaps Ariely goes a little overboard in his beliefs? Maybe not…  

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