Been wondering if we should make a change to High School Gym Classes…

I have been wondering if gym class in high school could use some changing… This is coming from a guy that won a gym class award and loved gym… But a lot of kids, if not the majority, don’t share my affinity for gym class… 

I think up until like 7th or 9th grade or somewhere in there it should still be the same for the most part, still of course evolving as more and more research is done… but, I think at some point it may be a better idea to try and instill good daily habits into students, hopefully even turn exercise into a life-time habit… 

I tend to think we should treat gym class when students get older like we treat the standard fitness gym in our hometown… make it more a time to lift weights, run, walk, bike, cardio, cross-fit, etc… let the student decide, but they have to do something… Get kids more accustom to the idea of being members of a gym. Learn to make it feel a bit like home in a way and somewhere they feel comfortable being… hopefully making it into a future lifestyle choice when they move on from high school. 

Part of the class might be teaching some nutrition, proper techniques, making routines, the benefits of working out on stress, etc… Teachers may be a bit more akin to personal trainers in a way, which I think is ok… 

Learn to not feel embarrassed at the gym… 

Which, I think when we get older in school, that is part of the reason many don’t like standard gym class programs… think it’s a bit embarrassing… some may even use a word like degrading… don’t want to be embarrassed in front of other students… don’t like a lot of the different activities… feel they are too old… many different reasons… which many just come to not enjoy gym class very much at all, more just something a person has to put up with, or suffer through, in order to graduate… 

It is a good chance for student athletes to get their lifting in as well… one less thing they need to do after school that eats into schoolwork 

I personally think it is the way to go… I could be wrong of course… perhaps it is something that could be tried at a certain number of schools first and see how it goes and how students react? 

Could also give high school more of that college feeling in some ways… a feeling that I think is good for learning. 

Something to think about anyways! 

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