Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 12…

Thoughts in order while reading along with the chapter… 


It’s funny that Ariely’s interest peaked enough to check out that degree offer…lol… couldn’t help himself. 

People must have been fuming about that cable ad… Business and Capitalism can be a sad state of affairs sometimes… Not always greed driven, but desperation driven as well… 

  • Greed normally catches all of the flak, but desperate companies being pushed out of the market can do some crazy things as well… this gets my mind wondering about how to lesson that affect, a society/economic not so driven by desperation in many ways would be a good start!  
  • Desperation can definitely be a root of evil as well… a big one… can even make some good people do some bad things… 

That “the tragedy at the commons” section was very powerful and important… It is a shame that it is as complicated as it is… Probably something we will have to deal with in some shape or form our entire existence in this universe… Seems hopeless in some ways at sometimes… perhaps there is some hope though and we can figure out a functional way to make things good enough, if not better. 

It’s a sad truth that there always seems to be someone willing to take advantage of trust that we gained from others… Always seems to be at least one that “sees all the angles” and takes advantage… 

  • I’m reminded of a movie I never watched, but saw a preview for… the invention of lying… seems a good example for this chapter 
  • Every generation should try and instill a certain level of skepticism in their children… less evil take advantage of them and gain power… 

Kudos to Timberland… Hopefully that continues to become the norm. 

  • I also think with educated, informed, and caring consumers there is a financial element to it all as well… it will become and overwhelming expectation to behave responsibly and morally someday… hopefully anyways! 

It is like he is making a strong point as well, that breaking trust too much can certainly cause some irreparable damage and maybe put you out of business. 

He uses the cable company a lot… there is also limited competition, which often means we often have no choice but to continue or comeback 

  • They have a higher advantage of being able to act bad more often and get away with it… 
  • We don’t necessarily want more cables running everywhere though… consumer union! 

Another important chapter… trust is so important, yet also very fragile… 

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