Book Club (Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely): Chapter 14…

Thoughts in order while reading the chapter…


I would be curious to see this study done on regular poker players who regularly use chips in place of cash to play

  • They may more easily correlate a token with cash and not cheat as much
  • Or does it mean that people are more likely to cheat when using chips and not cash?
  • I would think playing regularly might strengthen the token to cash relationship
  • I guess a poker player already having a token relationship may have not been optimal for this study… as they are trying to pick something removed from cash
  • Interesting… has interesting implications for casinos and people that cheat…
  • Hmmm…

Pretty wild how much can be justified just by being slightly removed from the cash itself… especially if there are other variables that can help us justify our actions…

  • Like he was saying, the compounded variables and being removed from the money could have profound implications in the online business world… People can come to feel like guiltless criminals… Heightened by an economic situation/culture largely driven by desperation can make it easy to justify…

Can’t help but think of how much of a catalyst desperation is in regard to how much of an influence this dishonesty has over us

  • Desperation is often so overlooked… even the author was much more inclined to quickly point the finger to greed, which can also play a big part of course…

Some powerful thoughts on these subjects and some interesting closing comments as well

  • What are the implications in a cashless society?
  • Perhaps when cash is gone, we won’t be one stepped removed from virtual currency anymore? Perhaps societies conscious will view the tokens like we view cash now potentially? That may be wishful thinking…
  • I still have some hope for the future though!

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