Time for a little break…

Think I might take a week or two off from posting… I will however probably finish the book club this week, it’s the last chapter and then will take a break from that as well. It may actually prove difficult to find another book I can write along with so easily without compromising any of its contents and break any sort of fair use clause… I am actually a bit amazed with how well the book club went, right book at the right time I suppose, almost like it was meant to happen 

Just a culmination of things right now… going through a little bout of depression/stress at the moment as well… I made many steps forward before this little step back though, so that is good… this too shall pass, hopefully pretty quick I was a bit surprised by some of my old thoughts that re-surfaced this time around, not completely out of the woods yet I guess…  

Just not too much drive to come up with or elaborate on ideas write now… who knows, maybe I’ll make a full recovery by the end of the week! 

Still think I am on the right track though… I have pushing myself pretty hard to mold my brain into a better line of thinking, think I am doing the right things for the long run, just some old habits seem to be dying hard…  

I think what it comes down to… is that my brain and I are still learning how to truly accept my situation and be happy within certain confines… Which can certainly be done… I can be very happy in my situation… I feel like the luckiest person in the World on many days if I am being honest… I just have a hard time not getting really excited about some ideas sometimes, which don’t end up working out… It feels like it is kind of out of my control sometimes, my brain just automatically imagines all of the possibilities… Then it is just depressing and stressful when those possibilities are out of the question… Which can then open up an entire bag of old negative mental paths, thoughts, and emotions… Not pleasant… 

Getting there! I’ll be back! 

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