Expensive therapy with possible benefits: A New Life Trajectory…

Been doing a lot of thinking lately that has been leading me on a new life trajectory… I really think my main goal is going to be opening a small coffee shop with a little niche I have in mind… The question is, how will I get to that point? I also have to hope that a coffee shop falls within the rules of my situation of things I am allowed to successfully do… But I think it is worth a shot anyways. I figure if I save up enough, I could give it a run for a year even if it flops. It would be a pretty fun year either way in my opinion…

Unfortunately, I still don’t think mentally I am quite up for working at a normal job yet. I have a ways to go yet, but I am seeing progress. Plus, I also think people would like me to put it off as long as possible as well, less driving and things like that. I don’t even think I will own a car for the next couple years for the most part. Basically, just get groceries and other necessities from very local stores. Will live a rather hermit type lifestyle in many ways…

So, the plan is to go to school this fall, which I am already enrolled and ready to roll. But I am changing up my degree a bit. At first, I wanted to go into psychology and follow the path of becoming a therapist if need be. But that path is a rather daunting one… it would be competitive getting into graduate school, then graduate school would be difficult, plus I would have to move to do my practical’s and internships and things. Followed by having to move away for so many years to get my observation hours in somewhere. Plus, who knows what kinds of situations and mind benders I may find myself in being a therapist. I don’t really want to move away, and I don’t think the world wants me to move away either… Not to mention the debt I would acquire, and what if I took on that much debt and stumbled somewhere along the way… would not be good.

So, I have decided to go into sociology. I am really hoping I can do an interdisciplinary degree with sociology and writing for digital media and platforms. I am not really sure it will lead to anything as my writing hasn’t really gone anywhere yet, and I am not sure it is allowed within the rules of my life’s situation. I don’t know though; I don’t know if having a degree will change things up a bit… It is probably more something I would hope to do on the side or something. Who knows, perhaps this blog would finally take off or something or bring in a little revenue… Plus I figure that having a bachelors may help me get a job or move into a management position somewhere or something, who knows? Perhaps it will help change up the rules to make my coffee shop more viable as well…

In a way though, I am just looking at college as an expensive therapy session. That is part of the reason I want to do sociology. Even if my degree doesn’t lead to anything or improve my situation, I will spend the next couple years in school and engaged in topics I enjoy. I think it will go a long way in my recovery and helping my mental health. Hopefully by the time I am done with school I will feel up to having a regular job. School is my happy place in a way… and since I didn’t get disability, it is the next best option in my opinion.

Plus, I am single and don’t have any kids or anything. So, my college debt shouldn’t be too much of a financial burden in all reality. I think it will be very much worth it… Even if just as therapy and a way to pass some time for a while… It may open up some doors I am not aware of though within the rules of my life though, and that could be good. I guess I can hold out a little hope in that regard…

Then I get out of school and probably just get a job at one of the places within walking distance of me… Save up a bit and try to open up my little place after a little while. I figure it will be a 3 to 5-year plan hopefully… I don’t think my initial investment in the shop should be too bad, I am more worried about having enough savings to cover rent and things for a year in case it is an absolute flop… It shouldn’t be as I think it is a great idea I have in mind, but in my situation, it very well could be… I remain rather hopeful though!

That is the general idea for my near future though… Hopefully will have a little coffee shop going by the age of 40. After evaluating all options and taking into account my mental conditions, this does seem the best course and path of least resistance… Cautiously optimistic of course, but optimistic at least! Puts my mind at ease and should let me enjoy the present moment more.

Could be a rather enjoyable ride…

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