A Case for God 2: A Random Infinity Loop would be a Paradox…

These are some brainstorming thoughts about a Random Infinity Loop being a Paradox… That the first movement of existence would have had to have been an act of will by an Eternal Being that always existed…

Could something (our existence/universe) have always been random? Or does it need to be an act of will?

  • Seems illogical that it could be random… that it could be random and have always existed… Everything would have had to have been done, as there is no starting point… Seems to me like a Paradox.
  • Like everything would have had to have been done before it existed, in order to exist… Would it cancel it out?
  • I think randomness would need to have a starting point.

Now if it is a being that is rendered infinite within such a state that always existed… Then it could all start with an act of will.

  • If an infinite being is in a state that renders that it always existed…all timelines would be composed of that state, there would be no randomness… No potential timelines could also kill it once it moves, it exists in an infinity loop. (There are almost two infinity loops at work in a way, the being is an infinity loop in order to exist and to have always existed, and then once is moves it is also in an infinity loop. It wouldn’t be able to move and exist if the second infinity loop didn’t exist as well)
  • The first movement is the beginning of existence in a way and our existence… but it would have to be an act of will by an infinite being that always existed.
  • It has to be a being… It must first exist in essentially a solid state to be a closed infinity loop and then make its first move from there.

Always existed, can’t die on any timeline… (Thoughts on a random infinity loop)

  • Every possibility would have to be accounted for in order for it to exist
  • Everything would have had to have happened before it existed (Paradox)
  • Would each possible timeline just keep endlessly repeating itself
  • Also, if there are infinite random possibilities, the infinity loop wouldn’t be closed (Paradox)
  • For it to be closed, I think everything would be capable of repeating itself
  • We would be on an eternal loop. This storyline will repeat to every minute detail. Kind of implies that we existed before we existed (Paradox).
  • This storyline has always existed, every storyline would have to exist before it existed (Paradox)
  • There would be no starting point, what is it repeating from then? (Paradox)
  • How could mass exist in a state that has always constantly been in motion? Mass could not have ever existed in a single state. Could mass exist in a random infinity loop? It seems it would already have to be placed there while in motion, that it would have to have a starting point.  Mass would never exist in a solid state in a random infinity loop, would be constantly in flux, would have always been. (Paradox?)
  • I would have written this endless times before and endless times after… I would be constantly be writing this… I would always have to exist writing this in a way (Paradox) That is a big paradox… because there is no past or future, you can’t have endlessly done things before… or endlessly do it after… In a way I would be frozen in this moment, but I move forward… The timelines would have to overlap in a way to have always existed, which I don’t think is possible.
  • I have always lived this life; I will repeat this life endlessly… I have done it endlessly before (Paradox)
  • Has to have a beginning. A random infinity loop needs a beginning, but then it wouldn’t be infinite. Or it would have to be something in motion placed into an infinity loop.
  • We can’t exist before we existed… (That Paradox may be the nail in the coffin, seems riddled with many other paradoxes as well)

There is a huge difference between inserting randomness into a second infinity loop or inserting and act of will. When inserting randomness, all things will happen and continuously repeat… when inserting and act of will, all things are possible but only “what you do” happens.

new doc 2020-05-13 20.46.38_1

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