This blog feels like my Thesis anymore…

This blog feels more like my thesis or life’s work anymore… Its status has evolved in my brain, there is a much higher barrier to entry between my brain and the blog. It has to be blog worthy anymore…

The blog-worthy posts have gotten fewer and further in between, just not much has reached the bar in recent time. I desire a blog-worthy post, but have found my efforts lacking.

I suppose I say this to let you know that I probably won’t ever post like the way I used to, sometimes almost every day for a month or so, or three a week or whatever. I just feel like I have gotten a lot out of my system.

It has been very therapeutic for me as well… I have come a long way mentally over the last so many years. I believe this blog has helped tremendously. It has also helped shape my vision for the future, helped shape myself, and given me a strong sense of identity within my crazy world. I am not sure I have ever felt so locked in with my thoughts in all of my life, which is a good feeling.

Hopefully a blog-worthy idea will pop up here and there though… I’ll know it when I think it…

I have more resorted in recent time to twitter for a lot of daily and weekly thoughts… there is still a barrier to entry for my tweets, but it is much lower in my mind. I greatly enjoy tweeting.

Thanks for following along on my Journey so far, hopefully it has been mutually beneficial… It isn’t over yet; this is something I hope to continue for life… I gladly promote “The Eclectic Schizophrenic” moniker and Identity now. Something I hope to carry into my future endeavors, or rather that my future endeavors become a part of.

Have a good day and I hope you enjoy going through my posts!

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