An idea that may help out the Incel community a bit…

Last year I was introduced to the incel community, which I had never previously heard of. They have gotten a lot of attention due to some of the more extremist views of some of their members, among other incidents. At the base of community is some legitimate concerns though and I can understand why many become depressed. The idea of starting an incel community was actually a really good idea in my opinion and still is. It got out of hand, but if done right could be a very good thing for a lot of people. 

One of the concerns of many of the members, if not the biggest concern, is when you are only attracted to highly attractive people. They are just wired that way and most probably wish they weren’t. Wouldn’t everybody love to find everybody physically attractive? There is no “lowering the bar” for these people, they find it impossible to be attracted to people deemed not highly attractive. They would rather be depressed and single then be with someone that they don’t find attractive in their mind. It really has nothing to do with being shallow, it is more something evolved into them. It becomes a big concern if you have trouble attaining one of these women or men for various reasons, one of those reasons could be the persons own looks. It can become a very depressive situation for these individuals. This happens to both males and females. 

I got to thinking about possible solutions and I think I came up with an interesting one that might be worth a try and could help a lot of people... virtual dating with a bit of a twist… 

Being someone that always thinks eternally and about heaven… I think of how we will all look however we want when we get to heaven, that what we have now are just temporary biological shells. My idea for virtual dating draws from that concept. The idea is that you will join this dating website, which I think you should have to get a prescription from a mental health counselor to join and will be highly regulated to make sure it is not being misused and such. But you will join this website and choose a model as your avatar so to speak, or how you want to look when you get to heaven. All members of the dating community will choose their model avatars and have virtual relationships using their model’s pictures and videos and such. You guys will still text and talk and whatever else, but your relationship will be based off of how you plan to look someday. You will continue the relationship in this fashion for as long as you like or until you die. Get virtually married if you want to. 

It will be a purely virtual relationship so to speak. I honestly think it will be good for a lot of people. I think you can have very healthy, committed, and serious relationships virtually. I also think that people can have very healthy sex lives virtually and that physical sex is overrated here on Earth. The models in my opinion should be seen as sex therapists in a way, helping a lot of people live a better life. There would be a strong commitment to protecting all the models privacy. I really think they would be doing some of God’s work though 

That is the basic idea though, people having virtual relationships using models as avatars so to speak. Just getting ahead of living in heaven a bit, why wait right? I really think this could be good for a lot of people and these would be serious relationships that would hopefully become normalized in our society. It should also be a lot more regulated than the sites we are used to where anybody can just sign up and cause all sorts of problems. I think prescriptions could be a good idea and really going above and beyond to verify identities and things like that. I don’t want any people trying to use other people for various reasons or abuse the model’s identities. 

Something to think about anyways… it is honestly something I would most likely do if I was in that mental situation. 

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