A prison meant specifically for Police Officers…

After watching and listening to many people talk over the last few months about police reform, I think I have one possible thing that could help. An Idea I had a number of years ago, a prison meant specifically for police officers… 

I still think dirty cops or cops that have flagrant misconduct should go to regular prison, as I would consider them not really cops and that they broke their oath. But cops that may accidently break procedure or something like that should have a separate prison to go to in my opinion. A lot of times they may have done almost everything right except for one split moment that may result in the life of someone or what have you. But I do think there should be punishment when a procedure or protocol is broken though. 

I just don’t think the punishment often fits the crime when sending police officers to regular prison. We all know it will be more dangerous for them in there as well as how dangerous prisons already are. I think a good compromise is having a prison specifically for police officers… I am not saying it should be club fed or anything like that, but a place where the punishment is more suited to the crime or violation of protocol. 

I really think you would also see a lot more convictions of wrongdoing by police officers as well. I feel juries would feel much better sending them to a prison specifically designed for themA key statement I like to use is Punishment fitting the crime. 

I think overall this is a good compromise, and a good way of still having police officers’ backs. You can support the police and still feel that some need to be punished at times for certain things. It would be a good way of helping police the police as well, as I do see some issues with lack of oversight and independent review. Hopefully it could be a good step forward. 

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