A Case for God…

For us to exist, there must be something that has always existed. You hear the age-old argument: well, if there is a God, where did he come from? Well, if you continue to ask that question, well then, where did that come from? Next answer, then where did that come from? It would be an absolutely endless question with no beginning.

So, you conclude that it must have started somewhere. But, now you have something that started it, but didn’t come from anywhere and has no beginning. Thus, concluding, that for us to exist, there must be something that has always existed, and that there is actually no beginning of time.

Now you take that logical undeniable truth and we can conclude that we are actually in a different dimension and that at least 2 dimensions exist, or that we live in a dimension with no time (base state of existence), but the big bang created a sense of time by setting in motion perpetual motion.


In a dimension that has no beginning of time, it is not that it doesn’t have an endless past, it is that it doesn’t have a past or a future. It is just in a state of existence. Your mind’s memory only perceives a future and a past.

In a state of existence (or as I like to call, “base state of existence”), you can only alter the pre-sent, the only time you live in. So, anything you create cannot fade because no time passes. So, the fact is we live in a dimension where all things fade (it only takes one); we can’t live in the base state of existence. But the base state of existence must exist.

Thus, concluding that there are at least 2 different dimensions.

Or, we could live in the base state of existence, and the big bang has created “time” within a section of our dimension.


The base state of existence is the foundation of existence… and within it, because no time passes, it is always in the present tense—there is no past or future. Technically, nothing should function in the base state of existence because there is no catalyst. In life as we know it, energy is the catalyst of life.

I would argue that anything that could function without time, and that always existed, would be God. So, either energy is God or a creation of God. I personally argue for the latter.

Interesting thing to think about… If we are in a different dimension, you might wonder what could even cause energy to function. In an alternate dimension other than the base state of existence, time may be a catalyst. If you think of time like a waterfall that powers a power plant, we may flow through time, or time may flow through us, creating friction and causing energy to function…

Some fun things to think about anyways!

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