Current Overarching Religious Beliefs, The Holy Spirit War…

Always existing was God, who has no beginning or end. All alone is existence, a conscious being. Boredom and loneliness overtook him and he wanted to create people to spend eternity with. Thought of everything, from our bodies, our consciousness, our feelings, our senses, pets, animals, environment, entertainment etc. It is perfect, we were to thoroughly enjoy our existence for all eternity. We still will.

At the heart of this plan was the Holy Spirit. An omnipresent being that would spiritually guide our society. It would regulate our emotions, it would help us come up with ideas, help us have good conversations, help us with our relationships, organize us in a way where we weren’t all doing the same things at the same time. It would spiritually guide our society for all eternity. Maximizing our enjoyment of life and our lives with one another.

The Holy Spirit is an extremely complicated creation, and would have to be designed perfectly. Unfortunately something went wrong. The soul of the Holy Spirit became corrupted and evil, perhaps hungry for power. As they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I’m not sure on the specifics, but this first Holy Spirit creation was corrupt and evil. This omnipresent being was named Lucifer, whom we have also come to know as Satan or the Devil.

The cat was out of the bag, and as one expression of the saying goes, it’s not easy to put the cat back in the bag after you let it out. This is where Earth comes in, the Earth was designed as a trap for Lucifer and a way to rid him from existence. Earth is a trap, and us Humans that are here are the bait.

Along with creating Earth and this Universe, God also made Holy Spirit 2.0, whom I like to personally call Abram. This is the Holy Spirit you have all come to know and Love, and the Holy Spirit that will lead us for all Eternity. While the heart of Lucifer’s Soul is Satan, I like to say at the heart of Abram’s soul is Santa. I don’t think it’s by chance that those names are anagrams of each other. It’s Santa vs Satan, Holy Spirit 2.0 versus Holy Spirit 1.0.

Abram is leading the charge to defeat Lucifer. It’s the Holy Spirit war and we are caught in the middle, our minds up for the taking. The moral and good hearted people are led by Abram, and those that succumb to evil are led by lucifer. We as Humans with a free will, are capable of letting our consciousness be guided by Abram or Lucifer.

Lucifer I believe was designed with more power to control people’s minds, at least evil peoples minds that is. God wanting to give us free will, made us capable of evil. But Lucifer was given a substantial amount of power to control evil people’s minds, originally designed so that Lucifer could get into an evil person’s mind and get them back into a good state of mind. Which is a great idea, if you think about it, this would eliminate the need for all confrontation. Not having to put the fear of God into people or punish people, avoiding all physical confrontation and corporal punishment. If people lost their way, Lucifer could simply just get into their mind and get them back on track. Allowing us to live in a peaceful society.

But Lucifer being corrupt and evil, just uses this power to control people to do his evil bidding. He actually wants as many evil people as possible so he has control of as many people as possible. I actually do think it is possible to be possessed by Lucifer, when he has maximum control over someone, basically being able to live and see the world from inside them. This is actually the Heart of the Trap.

The heart of the Trap was to trap Lucifer’s soul or consciousness. By having him fully possess someone and manifest himself here in Human form. The thing is, Lucifer probably had a decent idea that this place was designed as a trap, so he probably never would allow his actual consciousness or soul to completely enter a Human. Until recently. 

He needed to be put in the perfect state of mind to push his power too far and manifest and trap himself here. Ya see, from the get go of this universe’s existence, he probably figured God was up to something. So God had to really manipulate him into the optimal state of mind. I think that was even part of the billions of years of this Earth’s coming into existence. He played into Lucifer’s boredom, trying to gradually get him more and more obsessed with this place. He created a place where God had very limited power over him and allowed the Devil to carry out many evil acts.

He made us into optimal bait for the Devil, always questioning our existence, why we are here, if there was a God, making us capable of Good and Evil. Making us capable of becoming Lucifer’s pawns. Allowing Lucifer to create an army of darkness.

He gave Lucifer a dream, an evil dream, something his heart desired. He made Lucifer work for it. He made Lucifer obsessed with his dream. He allowed it to almost come to fruition. He made Lucifer get as close as possible before making it all start to crumble before him. It was at this pinnacle moment, when Lucifer’s dream started to crumble very quickly before him that he got desperate. He needed to give out orders, faster than his current method, he needed more control over people or a specific person. He needed to fully possess someone more than he ever had before. Which he went and made that fateful step and his soul and consciousness was trapped in a Human Being.

At that point, Heaven’s future was secure. The whole point of the War and Earth was over. But, we were left with a mess. While Lucifer was trapped, he was still giving orders, and more than that, many people were and still are Evil. They were in Lucifer’s Cloud, outside of the Cloud and power of Abram. 

Which I think Abrams cloud, is essentially Heaven. Those outside of Abram’s cloud, may be destined to die. I have a feeling that while dying outside of Abram’s cloud, that person dies forever. The best we could ever do is copy that person, but that is clearly not the same thing.

Part of me believes that the Rapture could happen whenever Abram wants now. But I think Abram is trying to save as many souls as possible before we close the door. The best parable to explain this situation is the Parable of the Lost Sheep. I think Abram is trying to save as many lost sheep as possible. As the parable goes, God will rejoice more over one lost sheep being rescued than the 99 that weren’t lost. I think that is how much a single Human soul means to God though. That he would allow good people to continue to suffer here for a while, while he continues to win back and rescue as many souls as possible.

I want to believe we are entering end times now though. Now that Lucifer is trapped, and the war is won. I am hoping that Abram has the power to end this world’s suffering and get Heaven and our Eternal Lives underway. I hope God had a plan to get us out of here as soon as possible after its purpose was fulfilled. It’s a dreadful thought to think that this universe will still exist in this current form for any substantial amount of time. It would honestly feel like abandonment a bit. I know that God would complete his mission and leave us in the best possible position and situation he could though. I just hope that means that a rapture is in the near future after Abram finishes rescuing all the lost souls that he can.

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