Finding meaning through ESPN, a channel straight out of Heaven…

I have recently been diving into the sports world, making my full immersion progressively. I decided to stop watching the news, and tv shows and movies weren’t really cutting it as a fulltime alternative. Here are some of my initial thoughts… 

First, I came to realize how much ESPN is perfecting escapism. When you just stick to ESPN and sports you enter into a whole different world. If you liked news channels in general it does a good job of bringing that type of broadcasting to the sports world, you can get your news style format fix. So that was definitely a plus, not to mention the overwhelming amount of sporting events between the various sports channels. I also came to realize why ESPN is so against their personalities and the like getting into politics, because they don’t want that here, this world is a form of escape from the real world. 

Secondly, I came to view this more as Heaven entertainment. As I was starting my sports world journey and was listening to the on-air personalities talk amongst themselves, I couldn’t help but think of how meaningless their conversation was. I couldn’t help but enter into deep thought over this fact. Which, I came to realize, I was listening to a conversation that will probably be very common in heaven. In heaven, there is no suffering and we will essentially understand everything. Traditional news channels won’t really exist. We won’t turn on the news to find out about a flood, hurricane, earthquake, starving, wars, etc… We won’t have to worry about economics, societies collapsing, and what politicians to vote for to ensure a good future for ourselves and those around us.  

Our world very much revolves around suffering and how to eliminate unnecessary suffering. It dominates conversations and philosophies. For good reason, that should be our primary focus. It made me think about how our lives will probably never be as meaningful as they are here on earth. Nothing we ever do for all eternity will ever be this meaningful again. There is great purpose in voting, charity, volunteering, donating, working, therapy, etc… the little things really do make a huge difference. To help eliminate any suffering is a great service. Everyone should answer this calling. 

But, back to ESPN, I thought, this is big and important in Heaven. Suffering in Heaven would most likely come in the form of boredom. Finding things to do and talk about for all eternity. You don’t want to become so bored that you would rather be dead. Something like ESPN and sports would do really well in Heaven and serve a greater purpose.  

Plus, when we don’t have to worry about suffering, we can enjoy something like ESPN more, it really is a bit of heaven. I honestly felt a bit selfish escaping to the sports world. I feel like I am leaving earth in a way, leaving the fight against the suffering here. But I felt it was time to get away from the news for a variety of reasons. I put in a solid decade or so of hard work in, tried to change and help the world as much as I could, it was just my time to leave the fight in the way I was doing it. 

That is my initial thoughts on ESPN though… a network straight out of Heaven. 

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